Follow These Velvet Kylie Lip Kit Shopping Tips

Thursday, Mar. 16 is shaping up to be a perfect storm for Kylie Cosmetics. The brand is launching the new Velvet Lip Kits at 6 p.m. ET/3 pm. PT. The Velvets are described as a creamy, non-drying, and highly pigmented formula in four brand new, neutral, rosy, and pink shades.

Let's assess those core facts. We have a new product dropping for the first time and it's an update to an existing item, which just so happens to be the brand's hero product. Those elements pretty much guarantee that the Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kits will fly off the digital shelves.

Diehard fans, makeup obsessives, and regular customers will be clamoring to get their well-manicured mitts on this new iteration. Also, casual fans might cruise on over to the Kylie Cosmetics site to see what all the fuss is about and to try their hand at shopping, not realizing that a product debut often leads to additional hype, mania, and a clogged-with-shoppers site.

To quote Van Halen: Everybody wants some... I want some, too.

If you have fallen in love with Charm, Dazzle, Harmony, and Rosie and want to nab any or all of the Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kits when they drop, here are some foolproof tips that should ensure you walk away with a confirmed order.

First, you should have a Kylie Cosmetics account on the site. That way, your information populates automatically when you place an order and you don't waste additional time. If you haven't already activated an account, do that now.

Second, you need to plan ahead. You know the new liquid lippies are dropping on Thursday, Mar. 16 at 6 p.m. ET/3.p.m. PT. You should choose which ones you want in advance and carve out about an hour or so to shop the launch. Since the site will likely be overloaded with users trying to get their VKLKs, you may experience a longer lag time. So pad your sched.

Get online 15 minutes prior to the launch. Close out all browsers, except for a tab open to the Kylie Cosmetics website, since that's the brand's sales platform. Cut off all digital distractions, provided you can do so responsibly. If you are at work, don't ignore your supervisor in order to shop; instead, try and schedule a break around launch time. If you are watching your siblings, don't leave them to their own devices; keep your eye on them and make sure they are safe and entertained. Pause the unnecessary stuff, like non-essential texts or emails. You know, stuff that can wait.

Lastly, be patient. Once you get on the Kylie Cosmetics site, you may experience some hiccups while shopping, due to the volume of users. This is not the time to get frustrated or browse. Know which Velvet Lip Kits you want to purchase, grab them, put them in your cart, and check out. Do not waste precious seconds peeping other Lip Kits or the palettes, because you could lose your spot in line. You can always go back for those another time.

Since the Velvet Lip Kits are the center of the shopping frenzy, they will go quick. You need to get in and get out with laser-like focus and a little planning. Good luck gettin' your Velvet on.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (5)