Everything You Need To Know About Signing Up For HBO Max

Fotos International/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Between the return of Friends after its removal from Netflix and a number of new star-studded shows and movies, there are a lot of reasons you might want to sign up for HBO Max. Luckily, doing so is relatively simple, though it varies depending upon the HBO access (if any) that you currently have.

According to the official HBO Max website, HBO Now subscribers who are billed directly through HBO, Apple, or Google Play will get immediate access to HBO Max at no additional cost. So once the platform launches, all you have to do is download the app on whichever device you typically use for HBO Now and viola — everything that HBO Max has to offer will be at your fingertips.

The same is true for those who get HBO through AT&T TV, DIRECTV, AT&T U-Verse, Hulu, or Spectrum. If you don't currently pay for access to HBO, all you have to do is sign up on HBOMax.com or by downloading the app on your favorite device. You can also opt for a bundle option by signing up through one of their partners: AT&T, DIRECTV, AT&T U-Verse, Spectrum, Hulu, YouTube TV, Apple and Google Play.

As an additional perk, HBO is currently offering a special pre-order to new subscribers. If you sign up for HBO Max prior to May 27, three dollars will be cut off your monthly price for an entire year, so instead of paying $14.99 a month, you only have to pay $11.99 per month. For any other questions, head on over to HBO Max's FAQ page.