How To Stream Cynthia Nixon's Wendy Williams Interview Online

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On April 4, a former Sex and the City actress and current New York gubernatorial candidate will sit down for an interview on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss her bid for the state's highest seat. If you're planning to watch, you may be wondering how to stream Cynthia Nixon's Wendy Williams interview online. While cable TV is probably the easiest option for watching the show, it is quite likely that Williams will post a clip of the interview on her website and social media pages — you just might have to wait until after it airs on television.

Nixon's interview with Williams constitutes her first-ever television appearance since announcing her bid for governor on March 19. Nixon will face two-time incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary.

When discussing why Nixon chose Williams' show for her first appearance, Nixon's campaign spokesperson, Rebecca Katz, told Variety that being able to appeal to Williams' audience was important to Nixon. "We win by getting her in front of voters, because we actually want them to see the real Cynthia,” Katz said. “And that’s what we get with Wendy. Her viewers are a large and crucial part of the electorate, and her show reaches all corners of the state.” David Perler, the executive producer for Williams' show, told Variety that Nixon was an equally appealing guest for them, saying " ... We don’t normally book political guests, but Cynthia is a special case of politics intersecting with our hot topics.”

Williams's show is broadcast on cable mostly though local affiliates of three different networks: Fox, the CW, and MyNetworkTV (MNTV). If you do not have cable and wish to stream the interview online, you probably will be able to do so via Williams' website (and YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account) after the show airs. Williams typically posts clips of important show segments on her website — and appears to do so quite quickly. For example, she interviewed Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi on April 3 and the full clip of the interview was already available on Williams' website and social media accounts later that day.

Indeed, Williams has already posted a preview video of her interview with Nixon online. In the video, Williams pointedly asks why Nixon has decided to run for governor after experiencing years of success as an actress. In response, Nixon says:

I love New York. And I believe so much in New York. And I believe that we're a real progressive bastion here. And that I have to say, for me, the election of Donald Trump was a real wake up call. As it was a wake up call for for women across that country. And that if we don't like the direction our government is going in, we have to step up and we have to get involved like never before. And that's what I'm doing.

Nixon announced her bid for governor in a video released on her campaign website and social media accounts on March 19. In the video, she expressed her fondness for the state — in which she has lived for her entire life — and also emphasized several issues that she believes need to be urgently addressed. These issues include health care, mass incarceration, and public transportation, among others.

Nixon is also seeking to frame herself as the antithesis of current Governor Andrew Cuomo, whom, according to the New York Times, she described in a speech on March 26 as a "bully." She has also characterized Cuomo as beholden to his Republican colleagues in the state legislature and as seeking media attention over substance. These sentiments were reflected during her speech, as noted by the New York Times:

“... Governor Cuomo will walk out of that room and do what he always does: promise big, get some headlines ... and ultimately hand all the power over to his buddies in the Republican Senate," Nixon asseted while at a press conference in Albany.

Overall, Nixon's campaign for governor has certainly caught the attention of many. Her interview with Williams will provide a first opportunity to speak to a large TV audience as a candidate — and many people are likely looking forward to hearing what she has to say.