How To Stream The 2017 Golden Globes, Which Have A Lot To Offer This Year

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Golden Globes may not have the prestige of the Academy Awards, but they seem like a great party. Unless you've managed to score an invitation to the ceremony, which is happening on Sunday, Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. ET, the best way to join that party is by streaming the 2017 Golden Globes — if you can't watch live on NBC. But don't worry, there are actually quite a few different ways to watch the Golden Globes using your computer, phone, tablet, or Internet-connected TV, giving even cable-phobes the chance to tune in to one of the most fun awards shows out there.

Here's the thing: NBC gets it. The network seems to realize that many people have forgone cable and have made streaming the Golden Globes super easy. You can go to and stream the show live in its entirety, or use the NBC app to do the same. The one catch is, you need to login with a cable subscription. But if you have that, you can live stream online from your computer, or on the app using many other devices.

And, of course, there are plenty of great reasons to tune into the awards — besides the chance to see some of your favorite stars dressed up, having a few drinks, and preparing for some spontaneous moments. If the ease of streaming isn't enough to draw you in, here's why the Golden Globes are an easy choice for Sunday night viewing.

There's Little Competition


Sure, there are other series on right now, but all of the heavy hitters that usually air on Sunday nights will be winning awards, not airing new episodes. There's no Walking Dead, Westworld, or Game of Thrones on. You can use your DVR (or your On Demand service of choice) to catch up on anything you miss.

It's A Great Predictor


Often, Golden Globes winners are a little out there in the TV categories, but they can be a great predictor when it comes to film awards. Tuning in could help give you some ideas of who to pick in your Oscars pool.

It's The Funniest Awards Show


Maybe I'm still riding the high from when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted, but it always seems like the Golden Globes manage to do the best comedy bits, which are usually the worst part about awards shows. Perhaps it's because the Globes have dedicated comedy categories for both film and TV, which means a lot of funny people are in attendance and can participate in bits.

Celebrities Come Out Of Hiding


With social media, some stars are never out of sight. But the few exclusive, elusive, A-list movie stars who aren't on Instagram show up and dazzle us with their impossibly good looks, their relatable anecdotes, and perfect red carpet outfits.

The Reaction Shots Are Priceless


Brendan Fraser attempting to laugh and clap at the same time. Emma Thompson bringing her heels and a martini onstage. Chrissy Teigen's blank stare when she was overwhelmed with emotion. The Golden Globes' reputation as the least serious awards show means that everyone is a little more willing to let loose and bring viewers some unforgettable moments.

The In Memorium Segment


On a much sadder note, 2016 saw the loss of many beloved celebrities and icons. This year's awards shows have a tough, tough challenge ahead if they want to pay a fitting tribute to those who died in the last year. The Golden Globes are up first, and they'll either set the bar high, or give other shows an idea of what not to do, so however you tune in, don't miss them.