Five Ways To Style A Chunky Chain Necklace Like Your Fave Influencer

Chunky golden jewellery has been having a moment for a while now, and from layering rings to oversized hoops, there are plenty of options to add a little more bling to your life these days. One piece that is really currently taking centre stage, however, is the chunky chain necklace, which is incredibly versatile and impactful when worn with just about everything. Whether its on Instagram or the red carpet, chances are you've been seeing plenty of your favourite ladies rocking one of these as of late, so here's how to style chunky chain necklaces like your favourite influencers.

As mentioned above, the beauty of a chunky chain is its versatility; while they look beautiful worn alone, this particular style works with pretty much any outfit and any other jewellery pairing you throw at it. But what do the experts recommend?

Lynette Ong, founder of demi-fine sustainable jewellery brand Edge of Ember, advises you "wear the chunky chain as a short first layer, then layer up with another longer pendant necklace or two with a more delicate chain for a statement look." She also recommends "doubling it up with another chain necklace with a different weight, for example a chunky chain with a snake chain.’

If you're looking for ideas on how to style this cool jewellery piece, keep reading.

Layered with pendants

Perhaps the most common way you'll see these chains worn on Instagram is with some pretty pendant necklaces, that hang a little lower. This means different layers of length and an endless amount of choices when it comes to picking your pendant.

On its own as a statement

A chunky chain necklace is often an investment piece, meaning it can be pretty pricey. But the good news is you can wear it alone so don't need to pick up other pairing pieces. It often has most impact when worn in this way, as Lucy Williams shows in this picture.

Worn with a snake chain

Snake chains are so versatile, and can be worn with pretty much everything. If you don't fancy layering up your chunky chains with other chunky chains, this is more of a delicate look.

Paired with more chunky chains

Embrace the chunkiness and double up for extra standout impact. Estee Lalonde shows us how to do it best, and her range with Daisy Jewellery is super conducive to layering chunky chains.

Worn with chunky earrings

You may think that wearing a chunky necklace means no need for any other jewellery, but if you really want to go all out, pop some oversized golden hoops into your ears for more of a bling factor.