How To Treat Painful Blisters, And Prevent Them From Happening

No matter what you do to unwind, knowing how to prevent and treat blisters is a must-have skill for adulthood. Whether you're slipping on your favorite heels for a party or hopping into your running shoes for your morning jog, it only takes a block or two for you to realize it: something is chafing, and it does not feel good. You say to yourself, "If I keep going, this is going to ruin my entire day," and oftentimes, you do just keep going. Maybe you're feeling too lazy to run back home, maybe you're simply late, or maybe you just don't quite know the best ways to deal with blisters.

If you think they're just an inevitable side effect of sports training or any heels over three inches, think again. Blisters are totally preventable, and it's all about creating the right environment for whatever part of your body is giving you grief. A dry, soft, and cushioned surface won't chafe as much, while a wet, rough surface will. Choosing the right socks and products for blisters will stop them right in their tracks, but if the damage has already been done, there are also things you can do to heal the area quickly and effectively with minimal irritation.


Choose Your Socks Wisely


Balega Blister Resist Athletic Running Socks (S - XL), $5 - $26, Amazon

Choosing the right socks (especially for runners) could make all the difference. If they provide support, control friction, and wick moisture, blisters just won't happen. These Balega blister resist athletic running socks fit both men and women and keep your feet dry and supported. They have a seamless toe and a heel tap to keep the sock in place, and they come in four different colors.


Stay Dry — Moisture Isn't Your Friend Here


2Toms Blister Shield Shaker, $13, Amazon

Where there's moisture or sweat, there's chafing. Keeping things dry and smooth will limit blisters, and 2Toms Blister Shield shaker was made just for that. It creates a lightweight water barrier that keeps skin dry and soft. Best of all, because it's in powder form, it's easy to sprinkle in your socks before a hike or into your favorite high-heeled boots before a big night out.


Use This Cream For The Most Intense Environments


RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream, $18, Amazon

If you're looking for the extreme stuff for extreme activities, RunGoo blister prevention cream is the way to go. It provides a friction barrier against your skin and whatever's causing the blisters, but it does so in a durable water-resistant wax form that holds up to the most intense conditions. It's also non-staining and doesn't leave behind a sticky residue, so people are saying things like, "Having used it for over a month I can very happily and pain free say that I have not had even the hint of a blister since I started using RunGoo."


Minimize Friction With Anti-Blister Balm


Body Glide Foot Anti Blister Balm, $8, Amazon

Minimizing friction is everything when preventing blisters, and Body Glide Foot anti blister balm is infused with skin essential vitamins and plant-derived lubricants to keep your shoes and your clothes from chafing over one particular spot. Reviewers say they made just about anything feel comfortable, and since it's non-staining and comes in convenient stick form, it's great for on the go.


Try Protecting Skin With A Tape

Spenco 2nd Skin Squares, $23, Amazon

Because these Spenco 2nd skin squares are clear, reliable, and made from a hydro-gel that soothes and cools the area, they can be used to prevent the blister in the first place or treat it after it's formed. They're totally painless to remove, and stay put for hours when used alongside tape or moleskin. Best of all, they're great for everything from dancing to walks and hikes to gymnastics.


This Sports Tape For Extreme Movement

DeKrey Sports Tape, $40, Amazon

If you're going the prevention route, DeKrey sports tape is another amazing option. Again, this one's for hardcore activities like biking, hiking, and running, because it's super strong, supportive, and sticky while still being flexible. It's made from a 100 percent cotton and zinc oxide material, and people love how soft, non-budging, and easy to tear it is.


If Heels Give You The Worst Blisters, Try These Inserts

Burlingham’s Heel Pads, $11, Amazon

If heels and heels specifically are your issue, this genius pack of Burlingham’s heel pads will definitely do the trick. They come in a pack of 12 different shapes to comfort your toes, heel, and ball of your foot while you walk, and they're made from a cushy and hygienic gel material that can be washed and reused for next time. The adhesive is strong and sticks to your favorite pair for a pain-free night every time.


Heal The Sore Area With Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil, $13, Amazon

Jojoba oil is loaded with essential vitamins, but it also naturally has a high iodine content, which makes it great for healing skin. This organic Jojoba oil is 100 percent pure, cold pressed, extra virgin, and unrefined, so it's a great option to treat blisters after they pop up. It helps to soften and nourish the skin, as well as prevent against infections, and it's a safe option for people who are really sensitive to harsh medicated products.


Fight Infections With Eucalyptus And Tea Tree

All Natural Antifungal Foot Cream, $16, Amazon

If the blister has already started to become infected, this all natural antifungal foot cream has incredible essential oils (like tea tree and eucalyptus) that help to fight bacteria and promote new skin growth. It also hydrates and locks in moisture while preventing inflammation, and people also love it for athlete's foot, unwanted odors, cracked heels, and much more.


Heal Tired And Itchy Spots With Bentonite Clay

Feet Of Endurance Protective Foot Balm, $17, Amazon

Another awesome option for treating blisters is Feet Of Endurance protective foot balm. It's got moisture-wicking and toxin-absorbing Bentonite clay, as well as great essential oils that help to hydrated and heal skin, so it's great for dry and cracked heels. "I do a lot of triathlons and have some pretty dry and banged up feet," says one reviewer. "This balm is awesome. I rub it in at night, throw on a pair of socks and fall asleep."


This Jar Of Sludge Heals Anything And Everything

All Good Goop Healing Balm, $24, Amazon

People are absolutely flipping over this All Good Goop healing balm, because in the words of one reviewer, "This jar of sludge heals everything." Because it contains only natural ingredients that seriously help to fix blisters, burns, itches, bug bites, and infections, those with sensitive skin are so excited to find something that helps instead of irritates. "Burnt? Shredded? Itchy? Dry? please use this... Enjoy a pot of love, you will not be disappointed."

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