How To Unfollow A Hashtag On Instagram If You Followed And Instantly Regretted It


BIG news, everyone. Huge. Instagram has just added a new feature that definitely fills a gap you didn't know needed to be filled. While most of your Instagram usage is probably tethered to your social life and keeping in touch with friends and family, you probably also spend a lot of time exploring your interests. To make it easier for us to find the content we're searching for on a regular basis, Instagram has created a way for us to follow hashtags. Which also means you're going to want to know how to unfollow hashtags on Instagram, because finding the perfect balance of familiar and new content is definitely going to take some fine-tuning.

Whether it's #baking tutorials, bohemian #hairstyles, or #puppies you're interested in seeing more of, chances are you're going to follow a ton of hashtags the second you get the update. Thus, soon thereafter, you'll need to scale it back. When you follow a hashtag, you're giving Instagram permission to add top posts of that hashtag to your main news feed, and your stories containing that hashtag to your Stories tray. So, the hashtags that you follow will essentially look like friends that you follow in terms of how present they will be in your day-to-day 'gramming.

So if you've gone completely ham and followed way too many hashtags and now your feed is an absolute cluttered mess that you want to fix up immediately, I feel you. Having your feed feel organized, on-brand, and focused is important. You don't want to sign on Instagram and feel like it could be anyone's account because there's so much cluttered content. You want it to feel personal. Also, even if you unfollow a hashtag, it doesn't mean it's gone forever — you can still look up hashtags the old fashioned way. So only follow the ones that you're most obsessed with. Or, get the hang of unfollowing by following, and give a few new hashtags a test spin. Just follow these these super simple steps to unfollow a hashtag on Instagram:

Select The Hashtag


Find the hashtag that you want to remove from your feed. When you see its main explore page, take a quick scroll and make sure you're definitely ready to cut ties with daily content from this hashtag in your feed. Have you given it a chance? Are you really ready to give up on it? OK.



Don't worry, you're not going to hurt the hashtag's feelings. Just like when you first got the update and saw a header button that read "Follow," you should see an "Unfollow" button. Tap that. Because the hashtag page is not an actual person or account, no one will ever know that you've unfollowed. It's nothing personal.

Reorganize Your Insta Life


Now that you know how to clear away hashtags that you don't want to follow anymore, you can feel free to test out new ones. Try exploring new hashtags to expand your interests and your Instagram community. Have you given #ASMR a chance to find the key to audible euphoria? How about #oddlysatisfying for all things that are odd and satisfying? Or what about #whatsfordinner for some last-minute dinner suggestions to inspire you at the grocery store? You never know, you might find some like-minded Insta friends to connect with, and you might find yourself racking up new interests. Instagram is meant to be used as an exploration tool, not just to keep track of what your friends are eating for brunch or decorating their Christmas trees with. Feel free to branch out and really see what else is out there for you!