The Instagram Feature You Didn't Know You Needed

Is there any horror greater than realizing you've accidentally sent a message you didn't mean to send? While perhaps not the biggest deal in the world, we've likely all experienced that paralyzing mortification at some point in our lives. That's why it's so cool that there is a way you can unsend direct messages on Instagram. Interestingly, this feature is not brand new, but it is under-discussed (many thanks to Cosmo for bringing it to my attention) — and, in fact, probably deserves a lot more attention that it's hitherto gotten. A lot of apps do not give you the option to unsend a message once it's been delivered, so Instagram's option feels like a virtual gift.

Of course, this unsend option comes with a major disclaimer: Although you can delete a message from Instagram, you can't delete it from someone's brain. If the recipient has already read your message before you unsend it, sure, you can erase the evidence, but you can't erase the knowledge itself. All of this is to say, DM wisely.

So, how can you quickly unsend a message on Instagram? Provided that it hasn't yet been opened, the process is super simple and efficient. I've broken down the steps below.


First, Send A Message

Marissa Higgins/Bustle

For the purpose of this example, I went to the Bustle IG and sent it a message. As you can see above, I typed "test message" and sent it.


Next, Hover On Your Message

Marissa Higgins/Bustle

I pressed down on the text and this bubble popped up. I tapped on "Unsend Message," and...


Ta-Da! The Message Is Gone

Marissa Higgins/Bustle

As you can see above, the message is gone. Easy as that!