Why You Should Update Chrome, STAT

by Lily Feinn

Updating numerous apps and devices on a consistent basis may seem like a pain, but putting it off can significantly affect your online safety. Beginning next week, those using an outdated version of Google's popular browser will want to learn how to update Chrome to keep their personal information safe and secure. According to a post from this week on Google's blog, Gmail will no longer be supporting old versions of Chrome after Feb. 8; those who put off the update will be "more vulnerable to security risks," as well as unable to access "new features or bug fixes." If not for security's sake, update your browser for all the glorious Gchat Easter Eggs!

While Gmail will continue to load on the old Chrome browsers until December 2017, it's best not to procrastinate on this one. As of Feb. 8, a banner will appear at the top of Chrome's Gmail interface prompting users to update to the latest version of the browser — version 55. The message will only be visible to those using version 53 or below, so if you've updated Chrome recently, you've got nothing to worry about.

Google warns that those running Windows XP and Windows Vista will be most affected by this change and possibly face "known security risks," as Chrome hasn't supported those particular systems since version 49 was released in spring of 2016. Windows doesn't even support those old operating systems, as it turns out, so this news should be a good wake up call for anyone still using XP or Vista.

No matter what system you use, it's a good idea to take a few minutes and follow this step-by-step guide of how to update Chrome and keep your browser "fast, secure, and free."


Go To Google Chrome's Drop Down Menu

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To access Chrome's menu using a Mac or PC, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome browser. A drop-down menu will appear. You may see an "Update Google Chrome" button already on the menu, which you should click on. If said button does not appear, you may already be running the latest version.


Check If You Are Running The Latest Version

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Scroll down to the very last item on the menu reading "Help" and hover the cursor over it until another menu appears. Click on "About Google Chrome" to check if you are running the newest version of the browser.


Update And Refresh Your Browser

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A new window will open in your browser and you will be directed to a "help" page. Chrome will automatically begin to update, if it isn't already up to date; then, after a short period of time it will ask you to refresh the browser to complete the update. Your pages will reload, and Google Chrome will once again be officially safe and secure!

Happy browsing, folks!