6 New Styles To Try If You're Bored Of Your Current Ponytail Look

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Most of us who have had mid to longish hair since childhood will have a relationship with the humble ponytail style. It's a look our parents would have encouraged us to rock as kids to keep our hair of our faces, and we wear it to the gym. But ponytails also have an eternally chic nature to them, and can be styled up for any occasion in a myriad of ways. If you're short on ideas, here's how to wear the modern ponytail for 2020.

"Ponytails are timeless because they suit everyone," says Jack Fitzpatrick, Windle London colourist, stylist and and hair extensions specialist. "They can be sleek, messy, undone, boho etc, and if you’re short on time a pony is quick, easy and pretty much fuss free," he adds. No matter what your hair colour, type, or length, everyone can rock a pony, and there are so many different ways to do it. Yes ponytails are the hairstyle of choice for a more laid back approach to life (think attending the gym), but they are increasingly becoming the go-to style of celebrities and hairstylists alike for exciting events or just a day at the office.

I've picked out the coolest way to wear a pony for 2020, from adding accessories to wearing it up super high:


The higher, the better

Celebrities from Rihanna to Zendaya have been rocking the super high pony as of late, and let's not forget the influence of ponytail enthusiast Ariana Grande. Embrace your inner Barbie and tie it up high for a fun and youthful vibe.



Want to add a touch of pizzazz to your pony? All you need is some accessories. There are so many amazing hair accessory brands now (my favourite being Tort), and so many high street stores do amazing options too (check out Anthropologie), meaning you'll never be short of a hair clip or grip to throw on.


Amp up the volume

A ponytail that sits mid way on your head (not too low, but not super high) can look a little lack lustre, which is why adding volume can change things up. Give hair a subtle backcomb and invest in texturising products like Sam McKnight's Easy Updo (specifically designed for adding texture to ponytails) for the perfect look.



If you have naturally wavy hair, this look will be a no-brainer for you. Sleek, straight ponies definitely make an impact, but for a softer look, texture is key. Make like Emma Stone and incorporate little plaits and a twist detail.


Bow down

Ribbons have become huge lately. Super affordable and easy to do, this look is accessible to anybody. But if you want to perfect it, John Frieda is offering a new service called the Bow Down in their salons. Created by Zoe Irwin, the Bow Down sees a piece of vintage Levi 501s torn, sewn together and frayed, and wrapped up into your chosen updo. Genius.


Plait it up

Not technically a ponytail, but plaits are a great way to add some interest to your everyday mid-height ponytail. There are also so many styles to choose from, from fishtail to french braids, meaning you'll always bring something new to the table with a plait.

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