Amber Rose's Flirt Ombre Lip Kit Is So Easy To Use

Makeup can be intimidating at time, which is what makes Lip Kits so great. They take all the guesswork out of finding the perfect color. Kylie Jenner isn't the only one that knows how to make a great one, either. Amber Rose created four Ombre Lip Kits with Flirt Cosmetics. Each one has a liner and gloss to give you the perfect pout. How do you use Amber Rose's Ombre Lip Kits, you ask? You won't believe how easy it is to nail the trend with these sets.

Everyone from Kylie Cosmetics to ColourPop have their own version of Lip Kits out now, but Rose's is a little different. Instead of just pairing a lipstick with a matching liner, the Flirt Cosmetics Ombre Lip Kit gives you a multi-colored look. The liners in the kits are a bit darker than the glosses, so you can get the perfect dark to light trend. To get the look, you line just the outsides of your lips and then fill the rest in with the gloss.

"First, sculpt and shade with effortless precision using our soft-matte finish, creamy Kajal Liner," the website reads. "Then, blend and highlight with our extra-shiny Lip Gloss to make your mouth a make out masterpiece!"

The ombre trend can look intimidating, but this sounds pretty simple to me. The gloss is meant to make your pout look as full as possible too.

There are four different kits to choose from on the Flirt Cosmetics website. There's a neutral, pink, deep grey-ish purple, and a red. Basically, a kit for any occasion. Each one is $24, which price-wise is right in the middle of the most affordable and pricey sets.

Flirt Cosmetics Ombre Lip Kit, $24,

The packaging is absolutely adorable, and the colors are stunning. Unlike other pencil-form liners, this one comes in a chubby, twist-up tube. I'm not exactly how to keep it sharp, but I love the innovative look. The set comes in an adorable little box with lips all over it.

The way I see it, the more Lip Kits on the market, the better. I love that different brands are tweaking the idea to make the sets even more trendy. After all, any product that makes the latest beauty trends easier is well worth the buy!