How To Use Archive On Instagram To Save All Of Your Memories

When it comes to Instagram, users get two options when it comes to privacy: Totally private, or totally exposed. Unlike other social networks like Facebook, which has all types of privacy options, Instagram allows users only two. You either choose to let the world in, or keep them out. But thankfully with the latest Instagram update, users finally have a third road to travel when it comes to their privacy: Instagram archives.

For a while now, it’s been known that Instagram has been testing the archiving feature — and now it’s officially available for the world to use! Have a few posts from high school or college that probably should get hidden, but don’t want to lose those memories? Maybe you’re taking your Instagram from a personal to a business account for your new online business, and want to delete posts that don’t make sense for your “new look.” Instagram archives now allows you to save those photos in a special place to save those memories, while keeping your Instagram feed looking clean! No more having to worry about losing your favorite Instagram photo from the club two years ago, all you have to do is archive it and save it for ever and ever and ever.

Courtesy of Instagram

Here’s how it works: On the top right-hand corner of your post, you see the three little dots (looks like “...”), which are your individual settings for each photo. Select “archive” for it to be saved in a folder elsewhere, removing it from your timeline. To view the archived photos, go to your profile. On the top right-hand corner you will see a little clock with a circle arrow. This is the button for archived photos.

Courtesy of Instagram

Accidentally archive a photo that you want public? Not a problem! Once in your archived photos, select the photo you want to go public and go through the same process. Click the “...” on the top right-hand corner and select “Show On Profile.” It will then go back to the spot it was before on your public profile!

Courtesy of Instagram

So if you’re job hunting this summer and have a few things that you want to keep on the DL, archiving is your new best friend! No more deleting posts. Make sure to give Instagram a shout out saying “thnks fr th mmrs.”