How To Use FaceApp

So you know that social media is the mother of all curation, and most people tend to present the version of themselves they want you to see. Enter the FaceApp, which can totally transform your selfies. So, just how do you use the FaceApp thingy? Well, you're in luck because I'm going to show you. Maybe you want to know what you'll look like when you're 65, but you don't want to take one of those Facebook tests that turns you into Bea Arthur; don't worry, the FaceApp can help.

Want to travel back in time like Benjamin Button without ever leaving your phone? The FaceApp can make you look younger, too! It can also swap your gender, or if you're someone who looks like Chandler Bing on Friends did in his engagement photo when you smile, don't worry — the FaceApp has got you covered; it can smile for you. It can also smooth out your skin, kind of like getting a really good facial.

If people get used to seeing your curated FaceApp photos and stop recognizing you in person then the app is really working for you, and you can rejoice at cutting your selfie time in half. OK, now that we've got that covered, here's how to use it (after you download free FaceApp: Neural Face Transformations from the Apple App Store, or Google Play).

1. Take A Selfie Or Select One From Camera Roll

So, because it's 7:30 on a Saturday morning I am going to select a photo from my camera roll. Allow the app permission to access your camera roll, or snap a selfie if you didn't just roll out of bed like me.

2. Choose An Option

The FaceApp let's you select from a number of options. You can do a side-by-side duo photo, a four-photo collage, or a single option that let's you add a smile, makes you look older, younger, or swaps your gender. I am selecting the collage option so I can compare all of the swaps side by side.

3. Apply The Fun Filters

Okay, these are not my real teeth! The FaceApp adds teeth to make you look like you're smiling. There are two smile options, and for some reason the app makes my teeth yellow in one of them. I do have good oral hygiene, I promise. Apparently as a man I look like a cross between Keith Richards and Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

I'm really not sure what's happening in this one. The old me looks like I am wearing a lot of stage makeup to look old (bottom left), and adding teeth here make me appear to be wearing a top row of falsies. The gender-swap filter (top right) here also makes me look older, but otherwise exactly the same. Hmmm.

Here we have more teeth with no upper lip, and the young filter on the bottom right is pretty accurate of how I actually looked in seventh grade. I am one of those people who has literally looked the same since I was born, save for a few unfortunate hairstyle choices.

You can also turn yourself into a fun FaceApp giph using all, or some, of the filters.

4. Save & Share

Once you're happy with your new face, you can share it using one of the social media icons, or you can use the arrow on the right to save it to your phone. You can also get a paid option with more features, but other than that this is pretty much the quick and dirty on how to use the FaceApp. Now that you've got the hang of it, go forth and change your face if your dare (insert scary movie laugh here).