How To Use Group Chat On Messenger To Enhance Your Holiday Plans


It's officially official; your squad's group message just got way better. Messenger's new group chat feature just made making plans with people, and even hanging with your people, a now effortless feat. This new feature was officially released on Monday Dec. 19, so, good news: it's available right now. But, how do you use the new group chat feature on Messenger? Don't worry, it's super simple.

Basically, here's how it works. In an existing group message (or create a new group message) you simply hit the video icon on the top right-hand corner of the message. Then, you ring all of your friends! On their phones they will receive a notification that you started a video in their chat, in which they can choose to join or not.

What is specifically great is the fact that this feature was released right before the holidays, which makes it possible to celebrate the holidays with those you love who will be far away. You can tune in and enjoy a holiday feast, open presents together, and even countdown to 2017. This even means having someone there as you sob furiously because either A, you are excited for 2016 to end, or B, you're scared as hell for 2017. Either way, now you don't have to ring in 2017 alone. Or even live out 2017 alone.

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What makes this completely different from other group chat features is the fact that all of it can happen in a continuous message, making communication within your group even easier. Setting up a group chat session requires no coordination beforehand. Simply click "ring," and those who have the time to join can easily do it right away!


Is your group message a bit big? Surprisingly, that's OK! Even if the video chat limit is six people at a time, Messenger allows for up to 50 folks to listen and chime into the conversation. You can even stay involved in the live chat by sending text, stickers, emojis, and of course, GIFs. Insert praise hands emoji.

All you have to do is make sure you have the latest version of messenger, and you and the squad will be ready to roll!