Here's Exactly How To Use Huda Beauty's Liquid Eyeshadows, According To Huda Kattan

Since the rise of makeup tutorials, beauty YouTubers, and product reviews, brands have been seriously stepping up their game to create makeup that's made for everyone. One of the innovative easy-to-use products that have taken over Instagram is Huda Beauty's matte and metal melted eyeshadows. The pigments in the collection are basically eyeshadow in the form of a lip product applicator, so eyeshadow fallout is a thing of the past.

Back in December of last year, Huda Kattan basically made it possible for even the most inexperienced makeup to take a gander at eyeshadow. The whole process of being precise and cutting creases is a little overwhelming for newbies, but it's genuinely changed the game for eyeshadow users who want their face as sliced and diced as possible.

Huda Beauty initially launched five shades of dual eyeshadows in which one side of the applicator features a side that glides on as a matte shade, and the other side slides on as a metallic shade. Not to mention, each one can also be used as an eyeliner, or even a blush.

To understand the full spectrum of what a melted shadow is, here's how to use the products to keep your routine as mess-free as possible.

The beauty brand had started with five dual shades, but its added five more, putting the line at a total of 10 melted eyeshadows to choose from. You know you gotta grab them all if you're hoping to create multiple looks.

Kattan posted a video to the brand's channel, showing fans exactly how seamless the eyeshadows work on the skin.

The makeup mogul starts the tutorial with matte end of the dual melted eyeshadow, placing three small dots into her crease. For those of you who swivel your eyeshadow brushes into the pan, you can finally save on the product you could be wasting. So if you can, try not to overdo this one.

After she's finished dotting the eyes with the matte side, Kattan goes into her crease with a small blending brush to buff out the color. "I could even use my fingers if I wanted to," Kattan says in the tutorial, but if you're in a rush, you'll be shooting for minimal cleanup in this simple routine.

Whether you cut your crease with concealer or an eyeshadow base, Kattan's beauty routine doesn't require either one it's so easy. The metal side of the eyeshadow duo has an even skinnier applicator than the matte side, so you cut your crease while you apply the shadow. Notice how Kattan does this entire tutorial with the rest of her beat complete. She makes it look that easy.

The makeup mogul explains in the video that she's a crier, so she and her brand ensured the eyeshadow is formulated to battle your tears when they get ahold of your lower lids. In the event you do get whisked away by the wind and cry, you want to make it fabulous.

Now that you've got all the tools and instructions for a simply made face, makeup lovers of every level can make their eyeshadow routine short and sweet, and do so with only one product.