The iPhone X Is Changing Your Selfie Game With This New Clips App Update

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you weren't already an avid user of Apple Clips, you're about to be — the updated version of the app, released Nov. 9, is so stellar, it will become your new favorite creative outlet. The easy-to-use video and photo editing software is free on the Apple App store for all iPhone users, and with this new update, it's also fully loaded with something called "selfie scenes." And once you figure out how to use the new selfie scenes on Apple Clips, you're never going to want to go back to the basic camera bag again.

First things first: To use this feature, you need to have an iPhone X. Yes, Clips has been and is available to iPhone users even dating back to the iPhone 6 — but the selfie scene feature won't be available unless you've got the new phone. This is because of the iPhone X's hardware: it's the only iPhone with Truedepth, which allows the phone to map out the dimensions of your face so it can properly and realistically align you with any augmented content. To break it down, it basically means that the iPhone X camera can allow you to do anything from virtually trying on a pair of glasses before purchasing them online to seamlessly inserting you into a scene that you're not actually in. It's essentially a user-friendly version of CGI, and Apple Clips takes advantage of it with selfie scenes.

The new feature allows users to be superimposed into a multitude of preloaded and customizable augmented backdrops — all of which are 360-degrees, and include sound effects. And the 360-degree effect is hyper realistic, due to the camera's advanced technologies. No matter where you are, Apple Clips will remove the background that's behind you while in selfie scene mode, and replace it with one of 10 Apple-designed scenes that feature everything from different cities to characters to even movie backgrounds, giving you tons of options for your creative desires. Plus you can decorate the pre-loaded scenes with sticks, and emojis to make them more personal.

Computer-generated imagery is not longer exclusive to highly skilled video producers and no longer limited to the desktop. The basic technology that we see in superhero movies is now available on our iPhones, and easy enough for all users of all ages and technical familiarity to work with. If you have the iPhone X and have upgraded your Clips app, here's how to use selfie scenes, aka, your favorite newest distraction:

Make Sure You Have The Right Phone


This feature is only available in the iPhone X, as it relies on Truedepth camera technologies to create its precise imaging. So if you were looking for another excuse to get the new iPhone, this is it. No version of this feature will be available on any other earlier iPhone model, though and style transfer effects are available on iPhone 7 and later models, and 2017 iPad Pro.

Check For Updates

Starting on Nov. 9, the new feature on Clips will begin to roll out. If you don't see the selfie scenes option in Clips, head to the app store and check for updates. If you still don't see the update, try force quitting and reopening the app. Don't fret if you don't see it for a few hours, massive updates like this often take a while to roll out evenly.

Select The Camera View


While there are tons of awesome AR things to play around with on the rear-facing camera, but for the selfie effects, you'll have to be focused on your face. So make sure that you're in frame in order to activate the proper effects and options.

Record And Edit


Take a picture, record a video, pick different scenic backdrops, add text, emojis and transfer effects until you've created something you're you're really proud of. You can add visual effects and music or audio recordings to the video, too.



One of the best things about Clips is that it's perfectly formatted for sharing. Unlike other apps that lose quality when compressed, Clips looks just as awesome when its shared as it does when its on your editing screen. That's because it's literally made to share, so put yourself out there.