Snapchat’s Newest Filters Mean You Can Now Take Fun Selfies With Your Dog

With the routine updates from our favorite social media platforms these days, we can all be considered digital artists. Snapchat's latest design roll out will provide a tool that makes it easier for us to ~express~ ourselves — and, of course, our art — thanks to a slew of new filters that recognize what's in your picture. Wondering how to use Snapchat's object recognition filters so that you can start designing and publishing more artistic snaps? This update doesn't involve sitting through an art seminar to learn and is easily achieved by the technique of simple swipes.

Between our armory of stickers, face filters, and the original design tool, paint, there is a lot of opportunity to bestow creativity upon your snaps. I mean, paint alone has paved way to an entire new genre of art — the Snapchat portrait. There are some serious digital portraitists out there using their smartphones as an easel and Snapchat as a canvas. And now we have new filters to play with.

With Snapchat's new intelligence, your camera will be able to recognize anything from that cream cheese loaded Sunday morning bagel to your travel locale. Swipe through your filter carousel and you'll be greeted with image-specific frames. Pick your stickers, text and paint inspiration from there to create a digitally framed masterpiece of a snapchat. Your very own work of art can be made now, as the feature has already begun to update across users. I've just spent my morning running around my apartment taking pictures of everything to see what specific filter the picture will summon. Here's how you can get started.

Update Your Snapchat App
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First thing's first: make sure your Snapchat app is updated to its fullest potential. Sometimes your phone does this automatically because technology can be a beautiful thing. If you're not sure, go to your App Store app, click on updates on the bottom frame of your screen and scroll down until you see Snapchat's friendly icon. If it hasn't already automatically updated — you'll be able to tell by how many days ago it was brought up to speed — tap it to get things going!

Take A Photo Of Your Object
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Is your pet doing something adorable that your followers absolutely need to see to believe? Take a picture, as you so would, in your Snapchat app to capture the content.

Swipe For Filters And Select
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Scroll through your filter options. You'll first be directed through the usual options. Different color themes for a moody black and white photograph or a hip faded color feel pop up first. This is followed by location tags and then the magic happens. Your camera has somehow detected that your cat is starring in your latest Snapchat series. Yeah, technology is the ultimate magician here. This picture of a cat I met brought up the "Pet Cam" filter frame. But other users have found different filters like "let's pawty" for a shot of your pup.

Publish And Snap Some More!
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This update isn't exclusive to pets only. Once you've published one photograph, keep snapping to discover the multitude of new filters per certain objects. You will most likely find these exciting new content specific filters when you snap objects relating to food, sports, pets, beaches and concerts according to Mashable.

While some filters fitted for food snaps read, "get in my belly" others have reportedly said "NOMZ" and "What Diet?" A photo of a beach will boast, "ocean view" whether you're watching waves crash in Ocean City, Maryland or Bora Bora.

With this latest update on Snapchat, your snaps can now be made as specific as possible. Between content, temperature, location and stickers using Snapchat can not only be considered an art form to ~express yourself~ but a basic means of communication. With style, of course. Get to snapping today to reveal your filters.