How To Use The Rainbow Brush Tool On Instagram

by Kiersten Hickman
Courtesy of Instagram

When you open up your Instagram stories this June, you may come across a new tool in the top right corner with a heart on it. Wondering what it means? Instagram is actually commemorating Pride 2017 with a ton of new features that will benefit your Instagram stories. This tool is a Pride rainbow brush tool that allows the user to draw rainbows on their stories. Pretty sweet!

To use this tool, take a picture, video, boomerang, or rewind per usual on your Instagram stories. Then, click the pen tool to see the new rainbow brush tool feature. Click the button with the heart on it on the far-right hand corner to activate the rainbow. You can adjust the thickness of your rainbow on the bottom left-hand side like you would with any of the other pen or eraser tools within the Instagram stories platform. Scroll for the proper width of your desired rainbow, and draw away!

Now the rainbow brush tool isn’t the only tool that is being rolled out for Pride 2017 by Instagram this year. They are also providing a few new stickers that will allow you to be loud and proud with pride on your Instagram stories!

Courtesy of Instagram

The stickers include sunglasses with rainbows, a person holding a rainbow, and a megaphone. Not only that, but the stickers will connect to the #Pride2017 hashtag so you can discover what others are posting about Pride 2017, as well a chance to be featured in the #Pride2017 Instagram story.

Courtesy of Instagram

So on top of wearing bunny ears with a face filter, attempting rewind videos, and using the new hashtag sticker, you can participate in Pride 2017 right in your Instagram stories thanks to these new features. Whether you are at a Pride parade, celebrating the Supreme Court ruling, or just chilling at home, let your followers know that you are full of Pride this June.