Victoria Beckham Found Out Which Victoria Beckham She Is Using Her Own IG Filter

Forget discovering which Starbucks drink or Disney character you are, because learning how to use Instagram’s new Victoria Beckham filter is far more important. The fashion icon revealed the Insta effect via her stories and, on a separate post, demonstrated to fans which versions of her they could be. These include ‘the Mom’, ‘the Spice Girl’, ‘the Cover Star’, and ‘the Beauty Boss’.

Of course, Victoria ended up with ‘the CEO’ on the original post, while her kids Harper and Romeo discovered that they’ve inherited ‘the Beauty Boss’, ‘the Mom’, and ‘the CEO’ genes. Harper’s being especially cute, as she seems pretty damn excited with landing that filter. I mean, who wouldn’t? (If you must know, I got ‘the CEO’ too so watch this space for a VB x Sophie collab).

Anyway, if you want to find out which Victoria you’ll be in another life, all you’ve got to do is go on her Insta stories and swipe up. From there, you’ll be taken to your camera and the familiar effects bar with the Beckham filter will be ready and waiting. Want to save it later to try out with your pals? Just click the button next to Send and it’ll be on your filter bar forevermore.

If you’ve never used one of these quiz filters before, to make it work you’ve got hit the record button before the effect cycles through the possible outcomes. From testing the feature out myself, I got different results on each try. But I'm honestly fine with it because being told you are any type of Victoria Beckham is a win in my book.