You Can Get A $1 Whopper If You Post A TikTok Dance This Weekend

How To Use TikTok To Get A $1 Burger King Whopper On June 18-21, 2020
Michael Thomas/Getty Images News/Getty Images

TikTok dancers, burger fiends, and bargain hunters, assemble! Starting today, you can get a $1 Whopper if you post a TikTok dance. Finally, your hours of learning how to throw it back have paid off.

In partnership with TikTok, Burger King is offering promo codes for $1 Whoppers to users who a video of themselves doing the Whopper Dance. What is the Whopper Dance, you ask? It is, as its name suggests, a song and dance dedicated to the Whopper. Burger King enlists some of the most popular TikTok creators to help promote the event. You can see Loren Gray, Nathan Davis Jr., and Avani — who collectively have over 73 million followers — shake it for some bacon and put their hands on their knees for some cheese. (Yes, those are actual lyrics to the song. Late capitalism is shaking your ass for a free burger.)

If you want to get the $1 Whopper promo code, here’s what’ll need to do:

  • Learn the dance. It’s pretty self-explanatory as the song tells you what to do.
  • Post a TikTok of you doing your Whopper Dance using the Whopper Dance audio. Make sure your TikTok includes the hashtag #WhopperDance
  • Make sure you follow Burger King on TikTok
  • Await the King to slide into your DMs.

Anyone who follows those steps will get a direct message from Burger King with the code for your $1 Whopper. You have until Sunday, June 21 to post your Whopper Dance and your $1 Whopper coupon is good through Sunday, June 28.

Once you get your promo code, you can pick up your Whopper at your local Burger King or use the Burger King app to get your Whopper delivered right to your doorstep. (If you order through the app, you can get free delivery through July 5 if you make $10 minimum order.) You can only get one coupon/one $1 Whopper. My apologies if you had plans to shake it for some bacon from here until eternity.

“We are investing in our digital channels and are always looking for innovative ways to engage with guests," Jorge Luiz R. Oliveira, Director, Media & Social Channels, Burger King Corporation, said in the press release. This is a marketing jargon way of saying, “Hello, fellow teens. The King is a TikToker now.”

Burger King isn’t the first food chain to employ the use of TikTok for a promotion. In August 2019, Chipotle had a #GuacDance challenge encouraging creators to post their own interpretation of the dance for free guacamole. TikToks tagged with #GuacDance have a collective one billion views to date.

If you missed out on "peeling the avocado" for free guacamole, you've still got some time to wobble for a Whopper. There's already over 150 videos tagged #WhopperDance and the contest just started today. Better start stretching.