Tinder’s New Feature Will Let You Choose How You Identify To Help Find Even More Matches

Courtesy of Tinder

A new survey from Tinder found that more than half of its LGBTQ+ users are interested in a dating app that makes it easier to express their sexual orientation and find matches that way. While you can select whether you're interested in men, women, or both on dating apps, most don't have a feature to identify your sexual orientation. That's why, in partnership with GLAAD, Tinder is introducing a new feature called Orientation, which allows users to select up to three sexual orientations to add to their profiles.

"We want all of our users to feel empowered expressing who they are while connecting with new people — and we’re always working to make that easier for our users on Tinder," Elie Seidman, CEO of Tinder, said in a press release sent to Bustle. "Dating apps are invaluable platforms for connecting the LGBTQ+ community, and we’re beyond proud to continue our efforts, in partnership with GLAAD, to improve the community’s experience on Tinder."

Orientation lets Tinder users choose up to three sexual orientations they best identify with and prioritizes potential matches based on their selections. While Tinder's survey found that users feel that dating apps have benefited the LGBTQ+ community by allowing them to be themselves, it also showed that users want more.

Courtesy of Tinder

Ask and you shall receive. Orientation is super easy to use. Simply select "Edit Info" on your Tinder app, tap "Orientation," select the terms that best match you, and choose whether or not to display them on your profile. Easy peasy.

Tinder worked with GLAAD to conceive and execute the new features, the press release stated. They also worked with GLAAD to roll out the "More Genders" update in 2016, which allowed users to select the gender identity that best describes them. The company says that More Genders has resulted in over 80 million new matches on Tinder.

"Tinder continues to show a dedication to inclusivity with updates that reach millions of people and create safer spaces for LGBTQ users," Rich Ferraro, chief communications officer at GLAAD, said in the statement. "Their latest work to expand additional sexual orientation options is an impactful change that helps LGBTQ people authentically express their full selves and gives LGBTQ users more control over potential matches."

More Genders is also easy to update. Just edit your profile, and under "I Am" tap "More" and search for the gender you want to select. In addition to making the app more inclusive, Tinder also announced that its supporting the LGBTQ community this summer by offering free advertising to nonprofits "dedicated to driving social, political, and cultural equality and acceptance of people across all genders and orientation."

In Tinder's survey, 54% of people said they would be interested in dating apps/sites that make it easy to find people who they are compatible with, and the new orientations feature is a way to do just that. Users can opt to have matches prioritized based on whether they match their sexual orientation, meaning if you identify as queer, you can opt to be shown mostly queer matches. This can help filter out potential matches who might not be LGBTQ-friendly, for example.

If you just want to get busy with the Orientation feature, Tinder said it will roll out in the U.S., UK, Canada, Ireland, India, Australia, and New Zealand throughout June 2019. Happy swiping, my friendlies.