8 Instagram Filters For Valentine's Day To Show Your Friends Some Love

Valentine's Day is less than a week away, and Instagram is helping you get extra festive this holiday with some super cute love-themed VR filters. I mean, can you even celebrate VDay without heart-shaped freckles? I didn't think so. And while you may have already seen them all over your feed, you might not know how to use Valentine's Day AR filters on Instagram. All you need is Instagram, your face, and your Valentine's Day spirit.

You'll see several different AR filters floating around leading up to and on Valentine's Day. If you happen upon one you really like on someone's Story, all you have to do is tap on the name of the filter in the upper left corner of the screen. Once you do this, you'll see options for the filter pop up on the bottom of your screen. These options include "Try It" and "Save For Later," so you can either use the filter immediately or wait for later when you're in a more post-worthy mood. You also have the option to send the filter to another user so that you can share the VDay love with your friends and followers.

Another way to use these filters is to seek out the Instagram profiles of the creators, and then try the filter right from their page. Look under the smiley icon that represents the Custom Filters tab. Here, you'll be able to see a list of their filters and then select the VDay ones you want to try out.

In case you need some help getting started, here's a list of Valentine's Day AR filters you can try on Instagram.


“Heart Love” By @aksinyakc

Courtesy of Instagram

This filter really helps you get in the Vday spirit because it makes hearts fall all around you. Send the message that you're "falling" for someone or even that you're just filled with love. Either way, this one screams "Happy Valentine's Day."


“Kiss Me” By @kendramishell

Courtesy of Instagram

This filter is super cute and not so subtle at all. The kiss-me lollipops can either be a fun VDay decoration for a face or a message to your crush letting them know you really want them to kiss you.


“Kissy BB” By @lucii_ferr

Courtesy of Instagram

If you're into the circa-2001 Bratz doll voluptuous-lip aesthetic, this filter is just the one for you. When you use it, your followers will know that you're all for the sexy side of VDay and you're not afraid to show it.


“Heart Freckles” By @danielroaart

Courtesy of Instagram

These subtle, light-pink heart-shaped freckles are the perfect accessories for your VDay selfies. They're small and cute, and still manage to show your festive side. They might even inspire your next makeup look.


“Masks Of Love” By @anonamister

Courtesy of Instagram

If you're going for the illusion that you're a contestant on a 90s dating show, this might be the perfect filter for you. This AR filter lets you put your face in a floating heart against a black screen. It's dramatic, it's funny, and it's super VDay-appropriate.


“U Make Me Blush” By @claire_most

Courtesy of Instagram

I've seen a lot of people use AR filters with different designs over their cheek and nose area, and this one follows trend perfectly. Titled "U make me blush," the filter tells your sweetheart that they make you blush hearts, and if that's not in the Valentine's Day spirit, I don't know what is.


“Internet Love” By

Courtesy of Instagram

If you want to send a straightforward hint to your Instagram crush, this filter lets them know that you want some internet action ASAP. Though I do hope you're crushing on someone who's already following you (unless it's one of the Hemsworths, then I totally support).


“Sparkle Heart” By @isabellequinn

Courtesy of Instagram

Valentine's Day is the perfect time for theatrics right? Well, this filter fits the bill. With raining sequins and bouncing hearts, it's as festive as they come. Whether you choose this filter or play around with some of the others, you can show your followers that you're bursting at the seams with love on Valentine's Day.