How You Can Volunteer With The ACLU

by Lani Seelinger
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The nascent Trump administration hasn't wasted any time in making it clear that there are some people who simply don't belong in their vision of America: immigrants and refugees. Fortunately, however, it's equally as clear that a whole lot of people just aren't cool with that. If you're wondering how to get involved with local organizations like the ACLU that are doing work on behalf of refugee and immigrants' rights, look no further.

You can always donate to organizations that are helping immigrants and refugees, like the ACLU, which has already scored victories against Trump. If you sign up to be on their mailing list, they'll email you information about petitions you can sign or events you can attend. If you're looking to get involved more deeply, find your local ACLU affiliate and get in touch with them. If this first week is any indication, then they're definitely going to need as much help as they can get over the next four years.

If there's no affiliate anywhere near you, then have no fear. The ACLU is far from the only organization that will be looking for more support. Amnesty International also lists ways to get involved, running the gamut from attending an event to striking up a full partnership with the organization.

If you're more worried about Latino immigrants already in the U.S., try getting involved with MALDEF, the Latino legal voice for civil rights in America. Unsurprisingly, they've also come out strongly against the refugee ban, and they're doing work all over the country. They list educational programs, events, and of course ways to donate on their website. There's also the American Immigration Council, which is always looking for legal help in addition to holding events and contests meant to recognize people who have contributed a lot to helping the American immigrant community. They have chapters all over the country as well, plus they help to organize cultural exchanges that you can spearhead or at least be a part of.

Just in case you still haven't found an organization working in your area yet, here's a whole list of organizations working against the Trump agenda. Pick your favorite, and start helping all of the vulnerable groups that are feeling even more vulnerable right about now. There are so many easy ways to help immigrants and refugees, whether you're looking to donate time, money, language skills, sign-making ability, or just plain old human consideration. Do whatever you can, and just know that the people on the receiving end will be more than grateful for whatever it is that you're offering.