How To Wake Up Smelling Great Using Products That Break These 11 Bad Habits

Nighttime showers can save you a whole lot of time and effort in the morning. Sometimes it even means that you've got time to stop for your favorite latte before your train takes off, and for some people, that's a godsend. Still, knowing how to smell good in the morning isn't always as easy as a quick shower before bed.

Your body undergoes tons of bizarre transitions while you sleep, and a lot of them can leave you feeling clammy come morning. If you're making some of the most common nighttime hygiene mistakes, it's especially difficult to wake up smelling fresh.

My schedule now allows time for a morning shower (thank you, remote freelance writer lifestyle), but all throughout high school and college, I took showers at night. Back then, I quickly learned that in order to wake up feeling fresh for school, less is actually more. I mean that in multiple senses. Yes, fewer covers and less-dense fabrics stop you from sweating at night, but I also mean that all those soaps and toners and deodorants might actually be stripping your skin, causing it to compensate with oil and sweat during the night. If you're practicing these common nighttime habits, a few changes in your routine and a handful of products could make all the difference in the morning.


Sleeping In Sheets That Trap Oil And Heat

Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets, $200, Amazon

Cotton may feel luxurious against your body, but it often traps oils from your skin and heat from your body, and if you're not washing them often, your nose knows. These Cariloha Crazy Soft classic full sheets are made from 100 percent viscose from bamboo. That means that they're way more breathable and moisture-wicking, and they naturally repel odors, bacteria, and allergens for a fresh sleep every night. This set comes with two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet that fits a full bed.


Your Dense Pillow Could Be Making You Sweat

Perfect Cloud Diamond Rest Gel Pillow, $60, Amazon

Plain and simple, if you're sweating in the middle of the night because of a hot sleep environment, you're not going to feel too refreshed in the morning. The Perfect Cloud Diamond rest gel pillow is designed for people who overheat during the night. It's ventilated with holes and gusset siding to keep the pillow cool and fresh, and it's made from hypoallergenic memory foam that keeps you cradled in luxury instead of heat.


Quit Skipping The Flossing Before Bed

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, $60, Amazon

While loads of people skip it, flossing is potentially more important than brushing. "It removes bacteria that are the precursors of plaque, which if left to fester will turn into tartar that cannot be removed by regular brushing or flossing," says Dr. Joseph Mercola. This Waterpik Aquarius water flosser has ten water pressure settings and seven different tips to clean deep between teeth and below the gumline without any acrobatics or discomfort. "I hate to floss so this makes it so much easier," says one reviewer. "Wish I had it years ago!"


Mouthwash Might Not Be In Your Best Interest

Black Pearl Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder, $20, Amazon

People often feel like mouthwash is leaving their teeth clean and fresh at night, but it might actually be drying out your mouth (stopping salivary flow, which helps flush out bacteria) and removing your mucous shield, which is there to protect your teeth. A tooth powder like Black Pearl activated charcoal tooth powder absorbs odors and cleans your mouth with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-septic properties, but it does so naturally and without stripping your teeth. Best of all, teeth feel cleaner and even look noticeably whiter within a week.


Going To Bed Dehydrated

Water is essential for just about every function in your body, including getting a good night's rest. Your filtering organs (like your kidneys and your liver) slow down while you sleep, but they're still working to filter out toxins overnight, and water is necessary for this process, too. If you're well-hydrated before bed, detoxification and sound sleep happen much more effortlessly, assuring that you're refreshed when your alarm clock rings in the morning. If you drink primarily diuretics, however, like coffee and alcohol, odds are you're dehydrated.


Choosing A Deodorant That You Can't Depend On

Bali Soap Crystal Mineral Deodorant, $15, Amazon

Most people apply deodorant right after their shower, but if you shower before bed, the protective effects have probably worn off by morning. Bali Soap crystal mineral deodorant coats your skin in a safe and natural layer of mineral salts that block odors from bacteria, but it doesn't inhibit your body's natural detoxification system, unlike synthetic brands. It also doesn't leave a residue or stain clothing, and reviewers swear it works for hours and hours.


Sleeping In A Dry Room Causes Excess Oil Production


Easehold Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier, $46, Amazon

When your skin produces excess oil, oftentimes its trying to compensate for the fact that it's severely dehydrated. Sleeping in a room that's dry and arid actually forces your body to make more oil, which makes you feel clammy and unclean upon awakening. This Easehold Aroma essential oil diffuser humidifier puts essential cool mist hydration back into the air with an elegant design, quiet function, and safety features for nighttime use. It can also be used alongside your favorite essential oils to keep everything smelling fresh.


Stop Stripping Your Skin With Harsh, Drying Ingredients


Lavo Facial Cleansing Oil, $19, Amazon

The tighter and squeakier your face feels before bed, the cleaner you'll be, right? Not so much. Much like dry air, drying ingredients in your face wash also cause excess oil production. Lavo facial cleansing oil is an entirely natural option that helps to remove makeup, dirt, and build-up, but it seriously hydrates your skin with healthy oils instead of stripping it. It also doesn't leave a greasy residue, and people are saying things like, "This cleansing oil is perfect! It's lightweight, has a pleasant, light, natural, non-lingering fragrance, and takes my water-resistant eye makeup off better than any other cleansing oil that I've tried."


Don't Take A Boiling Hot Shower Before Bed

Hot water is yet another thing that strips the oils from your skin, causing your body to produce more to compensate. A boiling shower before bed (especially one with drying soap) could leave you clammy and oily by morning, so lower the temperature to comfortable warm water and try to limit your time in there.


Quit Stripping Your Body's Healthy Bacteria

LiviaOne Topical Organic Probiotics Spray, $29, Amazon

Tons of things strip the essential good bacteria that naturally thrive on your skin, including antibacterial soaps and harmful chemicals in your beauty products. These bacteria actually help regulate things like body odor and oil production, and without them, bad bacteria runs rampant. Replenish your good bacteria with this LiviaOne topical organic probiotics spray. It contains 12 strains of healthy bacteria that help with everything from breakouts to body odor, and it's easy to spray on right before bed.


Watch What You Eat Late At Night

A sour odor upon awakening could be a result of specific ingredients in your diet, like garlic, onions, excess sugar, and caffeinated beverages. As your body filters these things out (especially if you're digesting around 2 a.m.), the smell could seep through your skin, leaving you feeling less than fresh in the morning. Stick to fresh vegetables and lots of water (especially if it's a late dinner) to combat body odor during the night.

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