Why UK Viewers Might Be Waiting A While To Watch Hulu Show 'Dollface'


Produced by Academy Award-nominee Margot Robbie, Dollface tells the story of a young woman who struggles to reconnect with her female friends after being dumped by a long-term boyfriend. The cast of the brand new series is headlined by the likes of 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings and The Social Network's Brenda Song. But will the U.S. comedy be available on this side of the pond? Well, I've done a bit of digging, and here's how to watch Dollface in the UK.

According to Deadline, the 10-episode series will debut on Friday, November 15 on Hulu — a U.S. subscription-based streaming platform. Unfortunately, Hulu is not available to viewers in the UK, and news surrounding the show's UK release date is yet to be revealed. I have reached out to Hulu for comment, and will update with any news the minute it becomes available.

Dollface follows the story of Jules (Kat Dennings) as she re-enters the world after being savagely dumped by her boyfriend. During her relationship, Jules neglected her female friendships, and is forced to "deal with her own imagination" in order to "literally and metaphorically" delve back into the world of women, with the hopes of rekindling the female friendships she had previously abandoned. Throughout the comedy, Jules will re-connect with her estranged group of girlfriends, consisting of Stella, Izzy, and Madison — all of whom are less-than-impressed at Jules' willingness to drop them in the past.

In addition to Dennings, the cast of Dollface includes Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell, Alone Together's Esther Povitsky, and former-Disney star Brenda Song — whilst Shelley Hennig, Camilla Belle and Malin Akerman are all set to appear in recurring roles.

As well as boasting a female-centric cast, the U.S. series also has a strong female presence behind the camera, and when speaking about the notable lack of male figures in the series trailer, show-creator Jordan Weiss explained how the first half of Dollface is very much focused on women. As reported by Deadline, Weiss later confirmed that men do eventually come into the picture during the show's second half, and by doing so, begin to "threaten" Jules' place in the female world. Speaking about the new series, the Dollface creator also discussed how the show walks a fine line between darker themes and comedy, before reassuring that viewers will eventually "feel good" upon the show's conclusion.

So, although Dollface's arrival in the UK is yet to be confirmed, I'm very much looking forward to what sounds like a brilliant new series, and fingers crossed we'll get to stream it soon.