Here's How You Can Tune In To Obama's First Post-Presidential Talk Show Interview

JIM YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images

Former titan of late night comedy David Letterman is returning to television screens this year, and if you're a fan of his previous work or a fan of any of his high-profile guests, you might want to check it out — especially if you're interested in seeing him talk shop with the 44th president of the United States. If you're wondering how to watch David Letterman's new Barack Obama interview on Jan. 12, you're in luck, because it really couldn't be simpler.

Letterman, 70, previously hosted the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS, where he made his mark as one of American television's most durable fixtures. He retired in 2015, and was ultimately succeeded by comedian Stephen Colbert. In the years since his departure from the airwaves, he's undergone a bit of a personal transformation too, now sporting an enormous, bushy white beard.

And, as teased in the trailer for his upcoming talk show series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, he'll be sporting that new look as he sits down with six different big name guests. He says that they're people he admires, and one of the names on the list is that of the popular former president.

So, how can you watch? All it takes is a Netflix subscription. Unlike many Netflix shows which dump all their episodes at once, Letterman's show will be released with a slow-drip approach, with one episode coming out per month. The first, featuring Obama, is set for release on the Netflix platform on Jan. 12. There's no telling just yet what they'll discuss, but it would seem a safe bet that Letterman would at least as something about the current political climate, and his hyper-controversial successor.

It's notable that Netflix is rolling out the Obama interview for the inaugural episode. He's arguably the biggest name on the list of guests teased in the trailer embedded above, alongside George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Tina Fey, Jay-Z, and Howard Stern. The entire series is a mere six episodes long.

This won't be the first time Letterman has interviewed Obama. He did so multiple times through the Obama administration, and even prior, with their first sit-down taking place shortly after Obama's election to the U.S Senate in 2004. Obama last appeared on Letterman's CBS show on May 4, 2015, mere days before Letterman retired from network television.

The appearance will be Obama's first TV talk show appearance since the end of his presidency, although as it's on Netflix, it's not exactly a traditional talk show in the mold of Letterman's old gig. That said, the former president is plainly a big get for any show, and any of the major network talk shows would surely have leapt at the chance to book him.

The fact that Letterman landed the interview to debut his Netflix series, in other words, is surely a boost to his return to television screens. In a sense, he's following in the footsteps of some of his prominent contemporaries, pivoting to a late-career return to TV after retiring from a long-running program. His former late night rival, 67-year-old Jay Leno, now hosts a CNBC show about cars, while 84-year-old former CNN interviewer Larry King continues to host a talk show called Larry King Now, available on RT and Hulu.

So, to recap: if you're interesting in seeing Letterman and Obama get together for yet another chat, you'll only have to wait a little longer to do so. The very first episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, featuring Obama, will be going live on Netflix on Jan. 12.