How To Watch The Winter Olympics Online If You Need Your Ice Skating, But Don't Have A TV

Lars Baron/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

It's been a long four years, but it's finally time for the Winter Olympics once again. But now that so many people are giving up traditional TV in honor of streaming services, you might be wondering how to watch the Winter Olympics online. Fortunately, there are a few options available for you this year, so cutting the TV cord doesn't have to mean missing out on all the action... as long as you've got a working internet connection.

In the past, no TV might have meant leaving your house to go watch the Olympics somewhere else. But the beautiful thing about 2018 is that we're no longer limited to just one way of watching major events like this one. You won't have to miss a minute of what happens in PyeongChang, no matter what your current TV situation is. And best of all, you don't have to leave home to do it, which means you only have to enter a noisy sports bar of Olympic fans if you really want to.

If you're planning to catch the Olympics on the go or if you don't have cable, here's everything you need to know before the opening ceremony on Friday, Feb 9.

It Will Be Streaming On Hulu


If you've already given Hulu's relatively new live service a try, this option might be the best one for you. As long as you're signed up (and it's not too late to do so, if you're interested), you can watch everything live on Hulu. The site also adds that recorded coverage will be available as well, so if you miss anything, this would be an awesome way to catch up before the next event. Hulu will be showing Olympics coverage from NBC, NBCSN, USA, and CNBC.

There's FuboTV


Live sports streaming service FuboTV will also be live streaming the Winter Olympics, and best of all, it also offers DVR capabilities. If you want to check it out, there's a free trial available, and if you're not already subscribed but want to join the service before the Olympics start, FubOTV costs $17.99 a month and is available to download as an app on tons of devices, like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, and it's also available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets.

It's Also Streaming On NBC's Site


If you don't have Hulu Live or you'd rather catch the Olympics straight from the source, this might be the option for you. Every event will be live streaming on, in addition to the rest of the network's coverage and features. And the best part about what NBC is offering? They're putting the games on demand as well, so if you miss out on a sport you were really looking forward to, you can always catch it from the beginning at your convenience. Ah, technology.

There's Always The NBC Sports App


According to NBC, their NBC Sports app will also offer the same features as their Olympics website, including the on demand function. This might be an easier, more convenient option for anyone who's going to be watching on a mobile phone — or who wants to download an app to their TV rather than crowding around a computer. It's available on both Android and Apple, and then there's the best news of all: It's free!

No matter where you are and what you're doing, you won't have to miss any of the Olympics. It was a long four year wait, and when the games are over, the countdown clock just resets. We should all soak in every second of that ice skating greatness while we can.