Kylie Cosmetics' The Wet Set Highlighters Are Multi-Use

Kylie Cosmetics is dropping a serious haul of new products on Thursday, Jun. 15. You will be left with empty pockets, especially if you are all about highlighters and glow. The Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2017 Vacation Edition Collection features three highlighter sets. There's Skinny Dip, Ultra Glow, and The Wet Set, the latter of which inspires the most curiosity and glam thrill. What's the difference? And how do you use these glow-getters? What exactly is The Wet Set and how do you apply it?

Let's start out by clarifying what its sister Summer products are (and aren't!).

The Skinny Dip is a two-pan pressed powder palette for the face, with a highlighter and bronzer because #layering. The Ultra Glows are loose powder highlighters in three shades and their own containers. They will impart serious shimmer on skin.

And what about The Wet Set? That's the most unique of the trio, IMO. It boasts four pans of dry powder, but the powders have a silky, wet feel when applied to skin, per Jenner, who swatched the products on her Snapchat during the big reveal. The Wet Set shades are meant to be worn during whatever summer activity you engage in and they buff and blend beautifully, per Jenner during the swatching.

The Wet Set is also not meant solely for the face. It was designed to be swiped on other parts of the body, like arms, legs, shoulders, and décolletage.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

The Wet Set powders are named Privacy Please, Unbothered, Do Not Disturb, and Get-A-Way.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Shimmer. Glow. Metallic tones. You can totally swipe these on other body parts for a little eye-catching glimmer. Swatches of all the Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2017 Vacation products are straight fire, BTW.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

If you are going to a wedding or an event this season and your dress or outfit shows some skin, you can grab a big fluffy brush and swipe any or all of The Wet Set shades wherever you want the eye to fall and catch some shimmer. The best thing about this sort of highlighter is that you can diffuse color and layer several together and it'll look seamless.