Warby Parker Is Giving Away Glasses For Life

Philanthropic (and affordable!) online glasses ecommerce destination Warby Parker is turning 7 — and they're celebrating with a giveway. So, fellow four-eyed friends, it's time to tune in for details on what — and how — you can win.

The giveaway, which is called Glasses for Life starts two days after their birthday proper on Friday, Feb. 17, — and it's structured in a fun way: it's actually a scratch-off game based around real-life scratchers that you can either send away for online, or pick up at one of their brick and mortar stores (located across the U.S. and parts of Canada).

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Everyone loves scratchers, and the prizes are certainly worth getting excited about too — the grand prize is indeed, as the title of the game might suggest, glasses for life. In addition to a lifelong supply of glasses, other prizes include up to three free pairs of glasses or sunglasses. The game is quite easy to understand — scratching off an image of one, two, or three pairs of glasses equals how many you'll win, while scratching off four pairs means you're the very lucky winner of the grand prize. Oh, and get this: There will even be consolation prizes available at, starting on the 17th.

The brand has always been known for their "buy a pair, give a pair" philosophy — so it's pretty fitting that they're putting on such a fun giveaway to celebrate their lucky 7th birthday. “It’s a joy to celebrate these months and years with our team," said co-founder and co-CEO Dave Gilboa in a press release shared with Bustle, "We wanted to throw a party big enough to invite all our customers, too, but space constraints led us to a different idea: why not skip the party and just make party favors for all? The Glasses for Life game is our version of a 'thank-you' present to everyone who has watched us grow. Thanks for showing up to the party.”

Will you be playing their scratch-off game? There's literally no downside, and a lifetime supply of glasses is definitely a fun concept to daydream about, especially given Warby Parker's ever-evolving, ultra-hip wares.

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Just imagine the possibilities... which frames would you be selecting if you won eternal free glasses?