This Zodiac Sign Will Find Their True Calling Before 2019 Is Over, Thanks To Uranus Retrograde

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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On August 11, 2019, Uranus is going to move into a retrograde in Taurus, and it's going to stay that way until January 10, 2020. Aka, get comfortable, because this is backwards shake up is about to be your new normal. How Uranus retrograde 2019 will affect you based on your zodiac sign will vary. But one thing that we can all expect to experience together is an absolute sense of unnecessary complication and a universal shift. Don't shoot the messenger, I know you're just barely brushing your knees off, post-Mercury's retrograde, but this is a planetary agenda, not my own.

On a positive note, not all Taurean energy is going to amount to something negative. A lot of excitement and momentum is going to come into your life, and if you focus on the good stuff, the negative aspects will seem less problematic What's more, sometimes change is a good thing, even if you don't feel like you need it. According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, this retrograde is going to cause global shifts, ranging from the financial systems of the world to the way you relate to your partner. But how this long and profound retrograde period affects you will depend on the ways in which your sign is sensitive to such changes. Here, Thomas maps out the personalized changes for each sign. TL;DR? Buckle up, Taurus is at the wheel, and we're in reverse.



According to Thomas, your income, values, and possessions are going to get a serious shake up during this time. "If you’ve become too possessive, you’re going to get a wake up call," Thomas warns, so make sure you're being generous and open with the people around you — even if it doesn't feel natural to be.



"Your identity and entire life has been shifting rapidly — career, love, plans. Your vision for the future is dramatically different than it used to be," Thomas explains of the scary but exciting change you're experiencing right now. Trust that this is all for the best and that you're going to find your truest calling during this time, so lean into all possibilities.



Your karma is in focus now and you have a strong urge to evaluate your head and heart right now. "How have you been living your life? You’re also considering why you don’t spend as much time healing, or perhaps how you can heal more," Thomas explains.



I hope you have some energy left because your social life has been exploding and this will continue. According to Thomas, you should really "go after the eccentric ones — they will lift you to better places."



You might be feeling like you're hitting a wall with your career right now, and it's true that now is the time to explore a slightly different path. "What you thought you had on lockdown isn’t quite as fulfilling as you wanted. Consider ways to be a pioneer," Thomas suggests, you'll have good luck exploring this idea right now.



Get ready to dip your hands into something new. You're going to feel super inspired to get involved with something you're unfamiliar with during this time. "Whether it be in knowledge or activity, you’re ready to expand. Go after a new pursuit and learn more about the world and humanity," Thomas suggests.



You've been pretty selfless in all of your partnerships, and now it's time for your partners to start returning the favor. "You’ve given so much but now is the time when you also need to learn to receive," Thomas says, so don't be too generous during this time, give the people around you a chance to turn it around.



According to Thomas, your partnerships evolving and you’ve been attracted to changing the pattern. "Your whole life you thought you knew xyz about relationships, but now you’re going to realize you were wrong. Step out of your comfort zone and ask the hard questions," Thomas says. Maybe there's something out there for you that you didn't know you needed, now's the time to explore that with your partner.



You've always wanted to make your life a little bit more unique and exciting and now is the perfect time for you to spice it up. Whether it feels that way or not, you can accommodate a bigger adventure right now, so take it on and put your dreams in line with your reality. "You can live the dream if you aim for it, so look at your calendar and see how you can pencil in even more fun," Thomas says.



"Your love life has been going through the ringer and now you’re considering actually going after something with someone you never expected," Thomas tells Bustle. Now is the time to take chances with love, even if it's unfamiliar — you'll learn a lot by getting to know someone new.



You might have noticed that your home life has been a bit tense lately. Thomas says it's time to change the dynamic. "You’re used to always being right, but if you show the world some new techniques of building security, you’ll be rewarded by the response you get back," Thomas explains. So if you try talking to your family in a different way, you might find that now is the time that you're going to have a better shot at getting through to them and asking for what you need, too.



According to Thomas, you’re communicating in totally new ways, which is going to feel scary. "If you trust your heart and voice, you’ll forever be heard. Don’t be silent and be taken for granted," now is your time to speak up and let people get to know you better.