Mercury Retrograde & December’s Gemini Full Moon Means December Will Be A Strange Month For All Signs

by Eliza Castile
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

For some people, astrology is something to be contemplated for half an hour in the salon waiting room while you wait for your hair dye to process. For others, the alignment of the stars is as important as the advice of friends and family. If you fall into the first category, you're probably wondering why everyone cares how Mercury retrograde will affect Geminis this December. After all, the two zodiac signs associated with the last month of the year are Sagittarius, which lasts from Nov. 22 to Dec. 21, and Capricorn, whose influence reaches into January. Why is Gemini, an air sign, hogging the spotlight right now?

The answer has to do with our celestial neighbor. The full moon falls in Gemini on Sun., Dec. 3, which just so happens to be the same day that Mercury enters retrograde (yet again). As if that wasn't enough to make you want to flail around with tons of anxiety, the full moon will actually be a supermoon this month, meaning our rocky satellite will reach the closest point to Earth in its oval-shaped orbit. (For astronomy nerds, this point is known as "perigree.") According to the BBC, it will appear about 15 percent brighter and seven percent larger than normal. Considering astrology is based on the movements of the heavens, this combination of events — supermoon! Mercury retrograde! — will obviously have an impact on the end of the year. Geminis, are you nervous yet?

Don't be. Full moons (including supermoons) simply intensify the emotions you're already feeling. The Gemini star sign is known for being open-minded, adaptable, curious, and restless. People born under this sign hate being alone or feeling stuck in a rut in the first place, so as the supermoon draws closer, Geminis may be tempted to make some major changes in their life: moving across town or finally having an important conversation they've been putting off. You might even renew the search for your missing half. (Gemini is, after all, the sign of the twins.) Isn't change why we celebrate the new year anyway?

As usual, though, Mercury has to come along and sprinkle a little chaos around. This December, everyone should take note of the usual roll call of warnings about the planet's retrograde phase, but they're doubly important for Geminis. The sign of the twins is actually governed by Mercury, so the planet's phases hold special significance for Gemini.

So what exactly are those warnings about retrograde? According to astrology, Mercury influences communication, travel, and technology on Earth. When it enters retrograde, which it does several times a year, the planet appears (emphasis on "appears") to be moving backward across the sky. During that time, the planet's energy focuses inward, and the areas of life it rules can go a little haywire. Given that Mercury governs communication and travel, it's important to hold off on major decisions or travel plans if you can. Arguments and misunderstandings may arise more frequently, and little inconveniences might be more common during vacation or work trips.

We're all going to be feeling more emotional around the full moon, but Geminis will be especially temperamental. Thanks to Mercury retrograde, though, you might have trouble getting your point across, at work and in your personal life. Prepare for conversational wires to get crossed, and remember to phrase things carefully. Geminis are diplomatic, if a little moody, so you might not be used to such the misunderstandings that might arise during Mercury retrograde this December. But as long as you remember to think before you speak, you should be able to weather the astrological storm just fine.