How Your Zodiac Sign Shapes Your Skincare, According To Soho House's Astrologer

by Victoria Hall

From the music you should have on your playlists to the sunglasses you should be wearing this summer, it doesn’t matter how tenuous the link may appear, it’s now possible to live your best life according to your zodiac sign. Ten years ago horoscopes were still seen as more of a gimmick, with the likes of Mystic Meg offering vague predictions that were so general they could be applied to pretty much anyone, regardless of your date of birth. But these days, astrology is everywhere, so should your zodiac sign shape your skincare and beauty regime?

These days horoscopes have lost most of their flimsy, otherworldly connotations and you’d be hard-pressed to scroll through your news feeds without seeing at least one astrological feature, especially when Mercury is in retrograde. "There’s been a huge shift in energy, one we haven’t seen since the 1960s and the age of Aquarius," explains astrologer and founder of Dynamic Astrology, Carolyne Faulkner. "There’s a real thirst for authenticity due to the lack of trust in society at the moment, so it’s natural that people are looking toward spirituality for guidance."

Faulkner takes a realist approach to her work. "Astrology isn’t about things being ‘written in the stars’, it’s about having a framework to guide you," she explains. While more and more of us might be willing to read our weekly or monthly horoscopes for guidance, is there any need to align your beauty routine with the stars? Plenty of brands think so and there is a growing trend for horoscope beauty.

Whether you want to take a literal approach and stamp your zodiac sign on your face with Milk Makeup’s Astrology Tattoo Stamps, £10.25, or you want to get some shut-eye with Slip’s Eye Horoscope Masks, £50, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your star sign into your beauty routine. And in case you didn’t think there was an appetite for astrology themed products, Fresh releases its horoscope soaps every Christmas and they never fail to sell out.

Natural and non-toxic brand, Herbivore Botanicals has intertwined astrological knowledge into its formulas and ethos. "We are inspired by energy forces and frequently work with crystals and metaphysical practices such as tarot. Both of these elements sit perfectly with the zodiac calendar," explains Erica Lang, Herbivore creative. "Each sign has its own persona and energy and through our use of active plant botanicals and crystal healing, you can expect to see certain signs will naturally be drawn to certain products and rituals."

Not only do the products include gemstones, such as Amethyst (one of the stones associated Pisces), but the brand’s blog shares new moon and full moon rituals to follow. Herbivore is by no means the first skincare brand to champion moon rituals. The likes of Ila-Spa and de Mamiel have been blessing their formulas and charging their crystals under moonlight for years, while Weleda and Dr Hauschka harvest some of their natural ingredients under a full moon.

If you’ve got some serious cash to splash, 111 Skin’s Lunar 28 Day Brightening and Anti-Ageing System allows you to align your skin with the moon’s cycle for a mere £1,000. It promises to even out sun damaged skin and leave you with a youthful glow.

Not everyone is going to buy into horoscope themed serums and treatments, but without realising it, some of your beauty tendencies probably do stem from your zodiac sign. For example, Faulkener states that, "Virgos fear being out of control and are likely to have back-ups of their favourite moisturisers and serums. They’re also likely to have a straightforward routine with clean formulas."

For those with Scorpio and Cancer in their charts, you should consider indulging in an evening cleansing ritual. "They absorb other people's energy and need to let stuff go," says Faulkener. If you’re looking for inspiration, it’s worth checking out Drunk Elephant’s Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser, £29, which lives up to its name and genuinely does melt away make-up and dirt without leaving your skin feeling stripped or dry.

"For water signs like Pisces, a bath is so much more that a way to get clean; it's a healing ritual, and at Herbivore we pride ourselves on creating the products to fulfil this experience," adds Lang. Cue the brand’s Calm Soaking Salts, £16, and Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil, £38, which genuinely do leave you feeling mentally and physically lighter. Faulkener has a warning for Capricorns though: ‘Watch that you don’t overpay for your products. An expensive price tag doesn’t necessarily mean the formula will be better.’

Still not convinced? Now that Cancer season has arrived Faulkner is predicting that more of us will be opting for neutral make-up. "There are lots of eclipses coming up too, so people will be feeling more sensitive and more prone to take things personally, so it’s likely that people will want to avoid the look-at-me red lip," Faulkner explains. Fear not though, after Cancer we’ll move into the realms of Leo and that’s all about getting your game face on.