Huda Beauty Is Launching Its First Eyeliner & It's MATTE Black

Huda Beauty's new Life Liner
Huda Beauty

When your favorite beauty brand announces it's finally launching a version of a makeup staple, you can’t help but wonder if it will be your new favorite thing. If you didn’t think you had enough black liners already, Huda Beauty is dropping its Life Liner eyeliner. And since it is the brand’s first eyeliner, you’ll want to start winging your lids like the Euphoria ladies, ASAP.

But there's more. Eventually, you'll have to take Life Liner off, so Huda Beauty is also set to launch with the eyeliner its limited-edition Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm. You can melt away eye makeup with the balm to oil to milk formula so it break down and rinse away the most stubborn bits.

The brand's founder Huda Kattan posting a teaser photo on Instagram to get beauty fans guessing her next product(s) was almost a dead giveaway. Now, you don’t have to “guess what’s coming,” as her caption reads, because the beauty entrepreneur is coming for your lips and cat eye.

Dubbed the Life Liner, Huda Beauty’s newest product is like a double-edge sword, but in the best way possible. The latest Huda Beauty product features a double-sided matte black eyeliner to deepen and darken your eyes to your black heart’s desire.

“If you want to have the mattest, most black, most intense eyeliner then this is the liner for you,” Kattan tells Bustle. “We wanted to nail the must-have, long-lasting, matte black liner before we explore colors of the same formula.”

Courtesy of Huda Beauty

One side of the liner is made of a tapered brush tip (which Kattan cut herself) for a seamless liquid application. Once the liner dries down with its matte finish, the product lasts for up to 48 hours. On the flip side (literally), is a pencil liner that can be used on either the lash line or water line to give your looks some added edginess. Best of all, it’s all meant to stay put, dangit.

“You don’t have to worry about it moving anywhere once you put it on” Kattan says. “You can literally go swimming with it, go under water, etc. When your liner moves, it ruins everything; your concealer, your foundation, etc. With Life Liner, we got you. This is honestly your makeup bag’s new Life Line.”

According to the brand, the cleansing balm will retail for $12 starting Sep. 12 on the Huda Beauty site and Sep. 18 at other retailers, but it will be offered solely online until supplies lasts. However, black liner lovers can shop Huda Beauty's Life Liner for $25 which will be sold online at also on Sep. 12 and online retailers Sep. 18. For in-store shoppers, Sep.25 is the date to get your actual hands on this Life Liner.

Courtesy of Huda Beauty

Kattan wanted to make sure she could find the darkest black to use for the eyeliner, and once she did, she named the liner Very Vanta after the material used to create the intense finish.

"Vantablack is a material that is known to be one of the darkest substances on earth, absorbing up to 99.96% of visible light" Kattan explains. "When I heard that, we knew immediately what we were calling our first extreme black shade: Very Vanta."

Black eyeliner will forever be a makeup bag necessity, and for two liner techniques in a single bottle, it's bound to intensify your eyes with every makeup routine.