A Hungarian Figure Skater Danced To AC/DC & Twitter Thinks It's Badass

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

AC/DC fans, gather up. On Tuesday night in PyeongChang, South Korea Ivett Toth from Hungary played AC/DC tracks at the 2018 Olympics women's figure skating short program event. The 19-year-old skater from Budapest, Hungary showed up wearing unconventional clothes (at least for a figure skater) and won quite a few happy fans on Twitter.

On Tuesday night, Toth played AC/DC's "Back in Black" and "Thunderstruck." But that's not all. Toth made some aesthetic choices, too. The young Hungarian athlete wore clothes that aren't normally donned by the average figure skater. Traditionally and in the majority of cases throughout history, female figure skaters tend to wear short dresses bejeweled with sequins on sheer or net fabric. In doing so, these figure skaters resemble mystical fairy-like figures on ice. Toth, however, went in a more untraditional direction and showed up like a true rock princess in leather.

Within seconds of her performance, Toth was dubbed a cool girl at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Of course, playing "Thunderstruck" and "Back in Black" by one of the most popular rock bands ever gave her instant cool points by anyone's standards. All in all, Twitter has decided that she's a total badass.

1. "Jealous"

Some Twitter users said that they were envious of Toth who got to skate to AC/DC in leather on ice. That's quite the experience.

2. Look At That Jacket

For some, a figure skater showing up in a sleeveless leather jacket studded with silver tacks was just out of the normal. This Twitter user said the whole visual was one of the "things I never thought I'd see."

3. Power Move

If the audience was looking for some dramatic classical music with high crescendos and what-not, Toth took them down a new road with her AC/DC routine. For this Twitter user, it was a total "power move."

4. Where's My Beer?

Sometimes when you hear AC/DC play, you gotta fetch some good beer.

5. New Music, Please

For those seeking a change in pace, Toth's picking of AC/DC was a welcome move.

6. One More Endorsement

"Finally." Toth's choice in music and her appearance really wowed observers.

7. "Coolest So Far"

Nothing like getting the title of "coolest" from people online. True achievement for Toth; she oughta be proud.

8. Attention-Grabbing

This Twitter user said that she was playing a game of Candy Crush on her phone until she heard Toth skating to AC/DC.

9. Punk On Ice

"Way to shake things up," Twitter user Melissa Seffens said. Toth's leather jacket impressed a lot of folks online. In a world where most female figure skaters wear princess-like ensembles, a leather jacket and leather pants was a surprising and even refreshing look.

10. More Fans

Toth even won fans among American viewers. This Twitter user said, "So, I'm still rooting for the U.S., but that girl from Hungary who skated to AC/DC was just awesome."

11. Night = Made

If you grew up in the 90s like me, you probably remember MTV's Beavis and Butthead show. Both guys were fans of AC/DC, so it made sense that one Twitter user rolled a good ol' gif of the two characters headbangin' to AC/DC.

12. Go, Girl!

"You freaking go, girl," one Twitter user exclaimed while commenting on Toth's performance.

13. Dope

Hey, even people who don't really pay much attention to figure skating ended up checking Toth's performance out. Talk about the pull of AC/DC (and leather jackets).

14. In Love

"I think I might be in love," said one Twitter user while e-swooning for Toth.

15. Rock On

"Rock on," said this Twitter user.

The internet has decided: Hungary's leather-jacket-wearing, AC/DC-listening Toth rules.