Move Over, Dad Sneakers. Trendy Grandpa Shoes Are About To Take Over

Dad shoes are entering their golden years and are walking into retirement in style. Make some space in your closets for the new form of '90s dad sneakers, which are taking the shape of grandpa shoes. The Hush Puppies' Power Walkers collection (offered in sizes 5.5 to 10 in whole and half sizes, and 11 to 12 in whole sizes) is perfect for everything from long laps around the mall in your track suit, to mimosa brunches with your friends.

The Power Walkers Collection has been around for some time now, where the brand has been perfecting the collection for around 60 years. But now Hush Puppies has released a new line of playful colors to make the shoes feel a little more fashion conscious.

Orthopedic, bulky, and available in summer-ready shades, Power Walkers are the perfect way to get around this summer while being sensible about your arches. Plus, Hush Puppies has quite the celebrity following. The iconic American brand has been loved by Princess Diana, David Bowie, Tupac, and more pop culture-defining A-listers.

Thanks to the Power Walkers' foot-friendly design, you can give your feet the royal treatment this summer. The footbed is lined with Hush Puppies' Bounce technology, letting you walk to work without any arch pain or heel blisters. Also, the Dri-Lex sock lining gives you a breathable, dry fit all day. So when you take off your shoes at your friend's house for wine night, they won't die of the stink coming from your sneakers.

You can also remove the interior of the footbed to customize the comfort, so if you know you're going to have to go sightseeing with your parents when they visit you on Memorial Day weekend, you can be sure your feet will be up to the task.

For those who already own a selection of dad shoes, crossing over to grandpa territory won't be that big of a stretch. Hush Puppies know that they're the OG brand when it comes to a clunky silhouette.

"We didn’t have to create a dad shoe as we’ve had ours before your dad was even a dad," Ken Beaulieu, VP Global Product for Hush Puppies, said in a release. "The Power Walker is an original and we’ve updated it with some new modern colors that Hush Puppies consumers young and old will love.”

Before Beaulieu came to Hush Puppies, he has collaborated with streetwear brands like Supreme, Stussy, and Opening Ceremony. So you can trust that this new color release has your Instagram-worthy OOTDs in mind.

The new Power Walkers' color selection comes in cheerful pastel hues that will add a fun pop to any summer outfit. Expect sherbet colors like pastel teal and a nude-ish pink, as well as a brilliant blue shade that's on par with J.Crew looks. There is also a chrome option for those who like a little more shine when it comes to their accessories, as well as a simple white pair that is perfect for streetstyle looks.

The new Power Walkers shades drop on May 16 for $99.95 at, so grab yourself a comfy pair or two.