I Used A Beautyblender In A Condom & It Wasn't Fun

by Hatti Rex

With the internet constantly in search for the next hot trend, it's no wonder that bloggers are testing out a whole new array of techniques and hacks that were previously completely beyond comprehension. The latest beauty trick to go viral features a beauty vlogger applying makeup using a Beautyblender in a condom and aims to imitate the ever popular silicone Beautyblenders for a fraction of the price.

Beauty guru Laila Tahri opens the video by explaining that, "the good thing about a Silisponge is that it doesn't absorb products, I do prefer using the normal sponge but then I thought that if you put some plastic around it then it'd still work the same" before beautifully blending her foundation in front of the camera.

The thing about these beauty tricks, at least in my opinion, is that you can never be quite sure if they actually ever live up to the hype. This is why the world of Pinterest fails are so popular, as many of the dreamy crafts that you see online don't actually work that well IRL, some of them hilariously so.

As a massive skeptic I had to try out the condom trick for myself, just to see whether or not it would actually work.

All I needed to try this out was a condom, a Beautyblender, some foundation, and a face. I freshly washed mine and applied a healthy dollop of my favorite moisturizer before beginning.

I was obviously enthralled to be embarking on this strange experiment. No really I was, don't be fooled by my face, I just wasn't too happy about having spermicide and lube all over my fingers.

Luckily you have to wash all that gloop off before using the contraceptive as an applicator, so that's what I did next.

After throughly washing my condom (which BTW, my housemates found hilarious) I inserted the Beautyblender so that it settled happily next to the nib. I tied a know to secure it in place.

Then, I applied makeup as I normally do. I tried both smearing and dabbing and concluding that a furious dab was the best way to go.

Or so I thought. Also it still definitely smelt rubbery like a condom which was a bit gross. Zero out of 10 on the scent situation, tbh.

No matter how hard I tried to dab product into my face, it didn't seem to sit right. Getting right into the nooks and crannies of my face was virtually impossible as the rubber kept sliding around all over the place.

This was the best I could do and I look like a blobby mess. Not even a makeup newbie could mess up this badly. What an absolute failure.

Realizing that my makeup wasn't going to sort itself out, I had to do something to fix it. There was no way I could leave the house looking like this, so I decided to set my Beautyblender free and apply my foundation the old fashioned way.

That's better.

After an unsuccessful condom experiment and a Beautyblender break out mission, I think it's safe to say that I won't be blindly jumping onto any bandwagons any time soon. Don't believe the hype.

Images: Hatti Rex