I Drank A Moon Milk Latte Every Night For 2 Weeks & Here's What Happened

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Vital Proteins' Moon Milk Latte boasts improved sleep and skin benefits.
Vital Proteins
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When you think of a latte, you probably imagine the delicious espresso-based drink you might sip before work, and you'd be right. Vital Proteins' Blueberry Moon Milk Latte, however, is designed to do the opposite by sending you off to a deep and calming sleep. I drank it for two weeks to see what the deal was — and to find out whether this magic potion really works.

What Ingredients Are In The Moon Milk Latte, And What Do They Claim To Do?

Vital Proteins claims the powder mixture helps improve sleep thanks to a blend of magnesium, which small studies have found to be an effective sleep aid; gamma-aminobutyric acid, a naturally occurring amino acid that has been used as a method for treating anxiety disorders; and melatonin, a supplement many rely on to better sleep naturally. The formula also includes Ashwagandha, an herb that works as an adaptogen to combat stress. Altogether, the ingredients are meant to create what the brand calls "soul-soothing sips."

The company, however, is primarily known for its collagen supplements designed to help boost natural levels of the protein and, in turn, potentially improve your skin. The collagen in the Moon Milk Latte comes in the form of powdered bone broth, which is made through a process of evaporation and milling. Studies have shown that increased collagen levels can improve skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging, although more research is needed.

"Preliminary results are promising for the short- and long-term use of oral collagen supplements for wound healing and skin aging, as well as skin elasticity, hydration, and dermal collagen density," says New York-based dermatologist Dr. Hadley King. She does, however, caution that it's unclear whether collagen concentrates in the skin after being consumed, although small studies have shown some promise.

Here's What The Moon Milk Latte Tastes Like

Over two weeks, I drank one of the lattes every weeknight. You can't drink Moon Milk with booze, as the combination of melatonin and alcohol can cause side effects like dizziness, increased anxiety, elevated heart rate, and breathing issues. This meant none for me on weekends, when I tend to have a drink.

The first evening, I followed the instructions and mixed two scoops of the lavender hued powder with hot water. The drink was really clumpy at first, so it required a ton of mixing, but eventually it morphed into a smooth, milky texture with some frothiness on top.

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Everything was going well... until I tasted it. While the latte had a hint of blueberry to it, I couldn't get past the bone broth flavor. Blueberry and broth, my friends, is not a great combination.

So I got creative on night two. I still mixed the powder with hot water, but this time I added a splash of vanilla coffee creamer. Bingo. The vanilla covered up the brothy flavor and enhanced the blueberry perfectly. (Plus, the added creaminess made the drink feel more like an actual latte.)

Courtesy of Vital Proteins

OK, So Does The Moon Milk Latte Actually Work?

Within 15 minutes, my body began to relax, and although my muscles didn't completely turn to mush — like they do when I take melatonin — any tension markedly dissipated. I felt sleepy, but not groggy.

And my sleep quality definitely improved — I didn't feel drowsy or like I'd had one too many White Claws when I woke up the next morning.

As for the collagen? That's the tricky part. As a beauty writer, I already have an extensive skin care routine, from vitamin C to overnight chemical exfoliants, so I didn't notice any tangible improvements to my skin.

That doesn't mean it's not a great ingredient. Simply because I didn't notice better hair, skin, and nail health doesn't mean others wouldn't, and, as Dr. King says, studies exist supporting the idea that ingesting collagen could help build protein in your body.

The Verdict

Vital Protein's Blueberry Moon Milk Collagen Latte is a great sleep aid, but you do have to hack it a bit when it comes to the flavor. But overall, it made me feel relaxed and rested — and with potential skin benefits, it's kind of a win all around.

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