I Finally Started Filling In My Brows And It Has Honestly Changed Everything

Shyema Azam

Growing up, my tweezers and I were no strangers. In fact, my very first summer job out of high school was at my aunt’s threading salon, so I learned early on how to thread my brows into oblivion. Fast forward to the strong, full look becoming all the rage — I decided to ditch the tweezers (and thread). I thought I just needed to be patient and wait for my arches to grow into the luxurious, bushy brows they were meant to be. Spoiler: It never happened.

My eyebrows are not naturally thin, but they’re not super thick either, so even at peak growth, they can veer toward two straight lines with no personality. That's why I eventually turned to gels, pencils, and powders and started filling them in on the reg. Here's exactly how I fluff and shape my brows in the most natural way possible using the European Wax Center's Strut Boldly Brow Collection.

Shyema Azam/Pre-filled brows

Prep Your Brows

For starters, my brows like to grow in one direction. So I first get them in formation using the Ready. Set. Brow! Perfect Brow Groomer. It’s a clear, soft-hold gel that gets your brows in shape without feeling rigid or sticky. It also lasts all day without flaking off, which I love. Using the mascara-like wand, I just brush my hairs up, since that will add to the thicker shape later.

Use A Pencil To Shape

After letting the gel dry completely, I’ll use the BROWFECTION Stayput Brow Pencil (a dual-ended brow pencil) in Dark to start making fine, hair-like strokes and fill in the sparse areas. I start at the bottom to fill in the base, and then I add more shape to highest point of my arch. Since I don’t want my brows to look boxy, I just add a few strokes at the beginning of my brows and concentrate more at the tails. The formula is water-resistant, so I can relax knowing it won’t smudge off anywhere.

Fluff Them Up!

To build in the shape and soften any harsh lines, I then use the Brow Powder Duo in Dark with the Brow Pals Dual-Ended Brow Brush. If you never thought you’d need a brush specifically for your brows, get ready to have your mind blown. I love how the angled brush end is soft and thick, so it adds a natural touch of powder to brows. I first dip into the lighter of the two, Mocha, to lightly fill in the beginning of my brows. Then I use Ebony for the tails. Afterward, I just brush it out with the spoolie so it looks nice and neat.

I finish off with what I consider the most magical product to give my brows more fluff: the Tinted Brow Builder in Dark. The tapered brush deposits hair-like fibers and a light gel that blend it all together and make my brows look fuller. I focus it more at the tails, so it doesn’t look too intense. Bonus: It keeps my brows in place all day.

Shyema Azam/Filled brows

Just remember, use a light hand and build gradually for the most natural results. Lucky for me (and you), you can grab any of these products at your local European Wax Center.

This post is sponsored by European Wax Center.

Images: Courtesy of Shyema Azam