These Easter Eggs Are Actually Eyeshadow Palettes So Get Ready For A Beauty Lover's Egg Hunt

Whether you celebrate Easter or just like to take part in all of the pastel, chocolate-filled, Easter egg hunting festivities, I Heart Makeup's new Revolution Surprise Eggs are going to make your eyes light up. In the shape of colorful Easter eggs, you can scatter these around the yard and have the beauty lover in your life hunt them up. If you don't want to go through the trouble of creating a whole scavenger hunt, throw them into your cart as you're out buying Peeps or tuck them into someone's Easter basket as a special surprise. Either way, these tiny palettes are an adorable way to welcome spring and all the Easter bunny related festivities.

Always wanting to give their customers options, the cruelty-free beauty brand created six different versions of these egg palettes, tempting you to buy them all. And seeing how they're only $9 a pop, they're affordable enough to snag more than just one! Each egg comes with two highlighter shades on one side and five egg-shaped shadows on the other, making it a convenient compact you can slip into your bag. The six different options are named Gold, Angel, Rose Gold, Dragon, Unicorn, and Mermaid, where their names are as whimsical as the colors inside. Currently you can pick these palettes up at — but don't dawdle. Who knows how long they will be in stock. To give you an idea just how they look like, check out the options below.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Angel

I Heart Revolution Surprise Angel, $9, Tam Beauty

Coming in a Malibu Barbie pink case, Angel is the iciest palette in this collection. Featuring four shimmer shadows that are lilac, light pink, bronze, and grey — and one matte brown shade for variety — you can create pretty daytime looks with this selection. It also includes two icy highlighters in the form of white champagne and light pink for a subtle glow.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Dragon

I Heart Revolution Surprise Dragon, $9, Tam Beauty

Featuring fire-breathing hues, the "Dragon" palette is all about the red tones. It provides three shimmer shadows that vary from a fiery red, a glinting gold, and a deep bronze, plus two matte brown shades. The highlighters are a mix or warm and cold, where one is a champagne hue and the other a warm bronzer.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Mermaid

I Heart Revolution Surprise Mermaid, $9, Tam Beauty

The Mermaid compact has all of the colors of the sea, capturing different shades of blue and green. It includes an emerald green, a deep blue, a lighter sky blue, a shimmering bronze, and light sea foam green shadow. It also has two sparkly highlighters for an icy glow.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Gold

I Heart Revolution Surprise Gold, $9, Tam Beauty

For those that crave a golden glow, this is the egg for you. This option has more matte shadows than shimmers, but they're rich and deep, perfect to make a warm smokey eye. The matte brown shadows span across one light, medium and dark hue, with the addition of two shimmer browns to bring in a little bit of sparkle. The highlighter options will make you light up like the sun, offering a yellow gold hue and a light bronze gold.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Rose Gold

I Heart Revolution Surprise Rose Gold, $9, Tam Beauty

Rose gold has been an "it" color for years now, and it hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. To join into the craze, try out the pretty rose-tinted shades in this Easter egg. Offering four shimmer shades that span across pale pink, rose pink, dark rose gold, and dark rose brown, they're accented with one matte rose brown. As for the highlighter, you get one light and one medium rose gold option.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Unicorn

I Heart Revolution Surprise Unicorn, $9, Tam Beauty

The unicorn pick is a purple delight. Spanning across lilac to a rich plum, you have plenty of options to create a colorful eye. Specifically, you get three shimmer purple shades, one light, medium and dark, and then one sapphire blue matte hue, and one deep purple matte color. As for the highlighters, you get an icy purple and a shimmering pearl.

Whether you pick out just one to treat yourself or pick up the whole collection to make an extra special Easter basket, these compacts are a fun way to usher in spring.