I Tried The Mango Radiance Glow Facial — This Is My Verdict

by Lollie King
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Therapie Clinic

Let's face it, the festive season can be pretty hard on our skin. From the endless boozing, indulging in sweet treats, night out makeup, and not to mention the severe drop in temperature — our skin can't catch a break. If you're prone to the occasional break-out or dry patch over the Christmas season, facials can be a great way to combat this, getting rid of impurities left deep within the skin and adding a boost of hydration. But with so many to choose from, it can be tricky. So I tried a Mango Radiance Glow Facial and here's what happened.

I first heard about this facial by Skin Theory at Therapie Clinic when Pixie Lott posted a photo of herself with skin that was quite frankly gleaming. I knew I just had to try it. Therapie is a top aesthetic clinic with 35 centres across the UK and Ireland offering a wide range of treatments including, radiance peels, derma pen treatments, and hydra facials. If you're looking for an on-the- go facial, that doesn't take too much time, but exfoliates and leaves your skin glowing, the Mango Radiance Peel is definitely the one for you. Therapie Clinic say the facial uses "gentle fruit enzymes while infusing Vitamin C and Orange Stem Cells to brighten protect and repair the skin also containing Kojic acid to reduce pigment formation and even discolouration."

Therapie Clinic

The facial started with a double cleanse using Skin Theory's Antioxidant cleanser to gently give the skin a fresh deep cleanse. According to Paula's Choice double cleansing is great because the first cleanser is "supposed to clear the way for your regular cleanser to cleanse your skin instead of having to work its way through layers of makeup and sunscreen. The result: a more thorough cleanse." The double cleansing was immediately followed by the Mango enzyme peel which was left on for three minutes and honestly smelt so delicious and fruity. Due to the strength of the peel, it's left on for three minutes the first time you use it, but then can be left on for up to seven. As you would expect with the peel, it does feel a bit tingly but this fades away pretty quickly. Doing the peel this early on in the facial allows the other products to penetrate the skin deeper. This step is followed by an application of Skin Theory’s Vitamin C Enzyme Mask which "gently lifts off the dead surface cells while infusing the skin with vitamin C, antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid."

Once the mask is off, Skin Theory's antioxidant serum is applied. The mask contains sodium hyaluronate for hydration and helps balance the skin, meanwhile Beet Root and Haberlea extracts help promote regeneration and repair. This does feel really calming on the skin after the two exfoliating treatments. The facial finishes up with Skin Theory’s Antioxidant Matte SPF moisturiser, which according to their website "is pumped full of antioxidants to fight all free radical damage throughout the day, while offering broad spectrum UVA/VB protection."

The verdict is in, and after the facial my skin after was noticeably more radiant. I had a few break outs which immediately seemed calmer after the facial and my skin definitely looked smoother. One of my main skin concerns is pigmentation, and my skin complexion seemed brighter and definitely more glowy. The Therapie Clinic is an absolute dream to look at and the lounge is very Instagrammable, I must say. I wouldn't opt for the mango peel if you're looking for a facial that is super relaxing and gives your skin a deeper treatment and longer lasting results. You're able to have this peel every two weeks, as it's not a really penetrative deep exfoliation and it's quick enough to squeeze into a lunch hour. So if you're looking for a quick skin refresh to undo the damages of the cold weather and festive season, this is the one for you.

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