I Tried Beer Shampoo For 2 Weeks & What Happened To My Hair Was Totally Unexpected

Rebecca Fearn

I'm always looking for ways to achieve my "best hair yet" status. I have pretty fine hair, that is coloured (bleached, in fact), can be frizzy and static, and never seems to stay in place after styling. So I am constantly on the hunt for glossier, thicker looking locks that are worthy of a Pantene ad. You could say I'm willing to try just about anything. Enter: beer shampoo. A unique new way to boost your mane, beer has been taking centre stage recently in haircare. So here's what happened when I tried beer shampoo for two weeks.

First, let's start with why exactly I would even consider using beer-infused products on my precious locks. According to hair bleach experts Bleach London, beer is rich in proteins that can penetrate the hair shafts to repair, and reduce breakage. It also is said to improve the shine and overall physical appearance of hair, as well as its health. And it sounds as though beer has been a go-to ingredient for longer than anyone would expect.

"Beer has long been known as an amazing haircare product. In Victorian times, Circus performers who would hang from their long hair did beer baths and rinses to strengthen their locks. Even celebrities today have used it in its actual Beer drinking form because of its dense make up of fermented proteins and vitamins," explains Alex Brownsell, Co-founder and Creative Director of Bleach London.

I have to be honest, when I first agreed to try beer shampoo for a whole two weeks, I was a little skeptical. To me, someone who has tried nearly every ingredient and technique going, it seemed like a straight up fad. But I'm willing to try anything for Blake Lively worthy locks, even beer (although I draw the line at throwing a pint of Peroni over my head, I must say).

For this reason, I decided to forgo a neat beer wash, and instead I used the Bleach London Beer Shampoo and Beer Conditioner at every hair wash (that's every other day), and the Beer Hair Mask once a week. The first things I noticed during the wash cycle was how soft my hair felt afterwards. After drying my hair, it really did feel as though my locks were a little stronger and healthier.

But in terms of the finish, I can't say I am completely sold. This is because the products make hair so soft that (for fine, frizz-prone hair like mine), it can result in a little fluffiness, making it harder to style and even harder for my hair to hold a wave (my chosen hair style).

I did notice this got a little better when I used the mask, as it boosted my hair's shine and glossiness a little more. I am tempted to say that for hair like mine, it is probably advisable to stick to the mask, or just one thing in the range rather than opting to buy everything. I think it just overpowered my hair a little by making it super soft and hence, harder to style. I need a little more 'grit' for my hair to look its best.

I would definitely recommend giving the range a go (especially the mask), if you feel like your hair is weak and brittle, and needs a real dose of TLC. I'm especially impressed at the price of these products, as none of them will set you back more than £10. Here's the full line up: