I Road-Tested Revlon's New Candid Range & These Are The 4 Products You Have To Try

Kyle Galvin/Revlon

Revlon has been asserting itself as a high-street makeup favourite almost since it began in 1932. It provides high quality products at affordable high street prices, and my makeup bag has been blessed with more than a few Revlon staples over the years. Revlon's new Candid Collection adheres to their usual values of helping customers live boldly and be unapologetically themselves, but this collection is perhaps their most empowering yet.

I went down to the launch of Revlon's new Candid collection to see the new products and to try them out first-hand, to see if they live up to the hype. The collection places emphasis on enhancing your skin and not covering up your natural beauty, which is definitely something I can get on board with. The foundation and concealer provide medium buildable coverage that feels weightless on your skin. As you can see from the pictures of me wearing it, it's a pretty natural finish, so if you're into that, this could be a good move for you.

So, first off, a major plus: the foundation has specific anti-pollution and anti-blue light properties which shield your skin from the grime and pollution of city life. As Allure reports, the blue light emitted from our phones, screens, and the sun can cause skin damage following long-term exposure. So the anti-blue light feature is pretty groundbreaking. It's also packed full of incredible ingredients like goji berries and blueberries that promise to work as anti-oxidants, protecting your skin and really locking in moisture.

Kyle Galvin/Revlon

I'll be honest — before I got there, I was worried that there wouldn't be a shade dark enough for me or a shade that wouldn't make my skin look ashy, as is the case with many high street brands. For people of colour, and especially people with darker skin, finding a foundation on the high street is often an impossible task. I can't lie, it can be quite demoralising to walk into a high street makeup shop or department store and be unable to find anything that fits your skin tone. But I was pleasantly surprising to find a number of shades for darker skin tones. Yes Revlon! To create the perfect base, I used foundation shade 540 (Walnut) with a touch of 560 (Espresso) to add a little warmth and depth to the skin.

The setting powder in the Candid range only comes in one colour as a translucent powder in the UK. On darker skin tones it does look a little bit chalky, so I would advise using a tiny amount. But have no fear I've been reliably informed that more shades will be coming out in the UK later this year. And in the U.S. shades have already dropped that are a little more suited to people with darker skin, which will give you an idea of what you can expect when they reach the UK. Hallelujah.

These are the products from the new range your makeup bag needs, like ASAP.