I Used Tan France's Fave Skincare Products For A Week & Changed My Mind On One Thing

by Lollie King
BeautyBio / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since the new reboot of Queer Eye began, the Fab Five have ascended to superstardom. We excitedly anticipate the new seasons of the show and watch episode after episode (with a Kleenex in hand obvs) as the group change people's life. As Brits, we feel a connection with all of them but none more so than the resident style icon Tan France, who hails from the north English town of Doncaster. So, I tried Tan France's favourite moisturiser and serum for a week, because anything that's good enough for Tan is good enough for me.

Tan France has cemented himself as a style icon working as the fashion expert on Queer Eye. From his french tuck to his quiff, he's a superstar if ever I've seen.

France recently uploaded a video to his YouTube page all about his beauty regimen and what he really uses. If you're looking to achieve skin like France's, look no further. As he explains in the video's bio: "Nothing is sponsored, this is what I truly use daily!" So you know this is legit.

According to the video, France uses two products from the brand BeautyBio, among other skincare items. The BeautyBio products are "The Nightly," which is a serum, and "The Quench," which is day and night moisturiser. France gushes about both products in the video and, with that in mind, I had to try them.

The first product I tried was The Nightly, which the brand BeautyBio describes as "an intense and potent serum boosted with deep-release retinol to stimulate cellular turnover and restore a youthful glow, moduline peptides to firm and smooth, and finally, hyaluronic acid filling spheres to draw in moisture to the deepest layers of the skin for plump skin and long-lasting hydration."

I used it after taking off my makeup at night and cleansing and toning. Although France uses this in the day as well, I only used it at night.

If I'm honest, I wasn't totally sure about The Nightly going into this experiment, as I haven't ever really found a serum that I've loved. I've always found them to be too oily and, to be frank, kind of unnecessary, as most haven't made a huge difference to my skin at all. However, despite my low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised that the consistency wasn't overly oily and it dried on my skin while still giving me some notable hydration. In fact, this product changed my opinion on serums altogether. Clearly it's all about finding the one that works for you, and I certainly won't be going to bed without The Nightly for a very long time.

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After The Nightly comes the The Quench, which BeautyBio describes as "intensely nourishing, this rich yet lightweight nourishing cream delivers instant and long-lasting hydration to parched cells while quadralipid proprietary technology restores skin’s healthy bounce."

I naturally have quite oily skin so the whole "intensely nourishing and rich" part made me worried that this would be too thick and heavy for my skin. Especially in the recent British heatwave, I was worried that my face would look extra shiny. Of course I want my skin to look radiant, but not gleaming with product. But I was pleasantly surprised by this because it really didn't cake my skin or make it feel oily even on the hottest day of the year. The moisturiser was a great base to use at the start of the day and wasn't too rich to be worn under makeup.

The combination of both at night was pretty brilliant and did wonders for my skin. Every day I woke up my skin looked more hydrated, smoother, clearer, and more radiant.

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The only downside to these products is that they're incredibly pricy at £105 for The Nightly and £125 for The Quench. But, the thing is, you do get a lot for your money with these products. You only need a small amount of both to see the effects, and I'm expecting mine to last about 6 months, which is pretty good going. So the verdict is in and Tan was right (of course): these are amazing and if your skin needs a burst of hydration, and you're in a place to make the investment, you should definitely give it a go.