I Wore One Jumpsuit For A Week & It Wasn't Ideal

by Gina Jones 2
Georgina Jones

I'll be the first to admit that I live a fast fashion lifestyle — I hate being seen in the same outfit more than once a month, let alone once a week. So challenged with wearing the same jumpsuit for a week, I was worried. What would people think of me? What would they think of my monotonous outfits? How would I cope battling my self set fashion standards?

Even as I started this experiment, I felt depressed at the prospect of what lay ahead. I had plenty of plans with the same people and I had a totally cute new dress I was already itching to wear. After all, I'm not Steve Jobs and I don't believe in the concept of a "personal uniform." In fact, my creativity flows more freely when I can express it through my clothing too. I didn't think this experiment would just stunt my outfit options, but I was worried for my mood too.

Without telling anyone, I made sure to have my jumpsuit — a black, off the shoulder ASOS number with wide legs (available here) — ready for Monday morning. I lay in bed and tried to plan outfits that would make this look completely different and feel asleep dreaming of styling options.

1. Monday

Georgina Jones

As you can probably tell, this smile is totally forced. I wasn't expecting to leave the house on this day, but my friend ended up taking me out for a curry. In a quick moment of panic of trying to accessorize, I added a belt to my jumpsuit.

My mate Jack, who has seen me in this jumpsuit more than a few times, complimented me on my "new look" that he didn't think he'd seen before. This filled me with a little more hope in the ignorance of my friends to acknowledging my outfits.

2. Tuesday

Georgina Jones

On Tuesday, I left the house and the city to go get the coolest tattoo in the world. With Jack tagging along, I made him take my picture and told him all would be revealed in six days. In the tattoo studio, my artist complimented my look as "versatile enough to wear daytime, nighttime and basically anywhere."

While I agreed with her on the differing ways I could wear this jumpsuit. I still wasn't thrilled at the idea of executing them all in one week.

3. Wednesday

Georgina Jones

Wednesday I went for casual drinks, which may or may not have become rowdy drinks. Thankfully, I was around pals that didn't recognize my outfit from earlier days. I felt uplifted by compliments on my look, pretending my outfit repeating shame didn't exist. But I've got to admit, discovering this jumpsuit that I usually kept as strictly casual wear worked well in the evening was definitely a plus.

4. Thursday

Georgina Jones

By now I was tired of the jumpsuit lifestyle. I didn't know how anyone could handle looking the same each and every day. I wanted to wear my new dress more than anything and in this realization, I kind of had to face a few facts about myself. Was it healthy that clothes could affect my mood this much? Probably not. But would this week stop me from wearing a weird and wonderful wardrobe on the daily? Absolutely not — I've faced my issues in the face and I'm comfortable continuing to live with them.

Although I had no reason to leave the house on Thursday, I threw on a jumper and headed to the store, just so I knew I'd done my bit for this experiment. Needless to say, no strangers leaped back in fear and disgust at my jumpsuit but as I trudged around looking for milk, I couldn't help but feel miserable at this midweek experiment checkpoint.

5. Friday

Georgina Jones

With Friday night being Friday night, I was out and about drinking with my friends — so please excuse the mirror pic, that I only remembered I needed to take at around two a.m. Nobody questioned my outfit, but in my head I felt far from attractive. My usual get up for partying involves sequins, feathers, glitter or lace (or all four) and this was the opposite of that. Armed with a beret for a touch of individuality, I still managed to have fun. Although that fun could have been hugely improved with a mini skirt and fur coat pairing.

6. Saturday

Georgina Jones

For the weekend, my and my friends — both ones that had seen me previously in the week and those who hadn't — had planned a getaway to York, to stay at a friend's house and get in a catch up and numerous drinks. Seeing as we were spending a lot of time trekking through fields, the jumpsuit seemed like a great option because I no longer cared if it got covered in mud or completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, it remained intact and I was forced to finish my experiment the next day.

7. Sunday

Georgina Jones

By this last day I was defeated. I was done. I was totally over it and ready to embrace my usual wardrobe with open arms. I wrapped a Prince T-shirt over the top to make things a little more bearable and sulked for most of the journey home - although that may or may not be connected to my raging hangover.

Looking back on this week, I may have been a little melodramatic at times. The importance of clothing to my mood, my sense of self and my style isn't to be underestimated, but through excessive accessorizing I'm sure I could get through this week again.