This Is Going To Be Your New Ice Cream Cookie Obsession

Stew Leonard's, "The World's Largest Dairy Store," has started serving ice cream in cookie dough bowls, like the true dairy geniuses they are.

Beginning in March 2017, the dairy and grocery superstore — which has five locations throughout Connecticut and New York and bills itself as "The Disneyland of Dairy" — began offering scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes, full scoops, on a cone, as if it were ice cream. According to their website, Stew Leonard's cookie dough treat, made with heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, isn't actually raw, making it safe to consume in large(r) amounts (even for kids). At $3.99 for a single scoop and $6.99 for a double, in either a cone or a cup, the cookie dough may be a bit pricey, but be honest: was it or was it not your six-year-old self's "when I grow up" fantasy to eat large, if not endless, quantities of cookie dough as a meal?

And then, genius struck. This summer, Stew Leonard's began offering ice cream on top of cookie dough. Or, if you'd prefer, cookie dough on top of ice cream. You can now try any of their soft-serve options — chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, choco-vanilla swirl — in tandem with cookie dough.

Heck. Yeah.

Stew Leonard's is hardly the first store to serve uncooked cookie dough as a stand-alone treat. The culinary trend began picking up last year, with Cookie Dō, a cookie dough cafe, opening up in New York City, and The Cookie Dough Cafe, based out of Illinois, starting up an online delivery hub for cookie dough fiends.

But Stew Leonard's has managed to bring the treat to a wide array of customers. And there's nothing pretentious or fussy about it. Just straightforward, delicious sugar.

Cheers to summer! Like, really, really sweet summer.