Idris Elba DJ’d At The Royal Wedding, But His Music History Might Shock You Even More

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A surprising celebrity took over the DJ booth for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's evening reception on May 19. According to Us Weekly, Idris Elba DJ'd at the royal wedding reception. But, you may be even more surprised to learn that this definitely wasn't his first time in the DJ booth.

As the publication noted, Elba traded in his acting cap for his DJ one during the royal couple's evening reception at Frogmore House. During the event, he reportedly played "Never Too Much" by Luther Vandross and the bride herself was really feeling it. The publication went on to report that Meghan Markle danced along to the tune with her girlfriends.

There's no telling whether he was the one to play the couple's first dance song (which, according to The Telegraph, was "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," for those wondering). Regardless, it must have been so much fun to have the famous actor takeover the DJ booth for even a short amount of time.

Since when has Elba been a DJ, you might ask? Apparently, he's been in the game for some time now. In fact, he even has his own musical pseudonym that he performs under. According to Us Weekly, the actor has made club appearances under the name "DJ Big Driis" and "Big Driis the Londoner" over the years.

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According to Interview magazine, Elba's had a passion for DJ-ing for a while but had to put it on the back burner for his acting career. "I made a decision about five years ago to really do it properly [being a DJ], to do it at that level I had never done it, but take it seriously and not ride the coattails of being an actor," he told Jon Favreau for the magazine in 2016. He explained that he's been doing more remixes, such as ones for The Jungle Book, in which he also starred.

He's also released some of his own, original music. As Time reported, Elba came out with the track "Spectacle" in 2016, which was very well received. The song was the first one released from his Hiatus project. In addition to his DJ career, he also has some producing experience on a pretty major album. As Us Weekly noted, and as he explained to the Life Files, Elba has a producing credit on the intro of JAY-Z's 2007 American Gangster album. So, not only is he a dominant force in the acting sphere, but he's also a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, too.

How'd Elba get this recent evening reception DJ "gig"? Well, the actor was there for Prince Harry and Markle's wedding day festivities because he has a special connection to the royal family. In 1976, Prince Charles, the Duke of Sussex's father, created The Prince's Trust, according to its official website. The charity helped to establish grants for young people in the United Kingdom so that they can pursue their dreams despite any economic hardships.

Elba was one of the beneficiaries of The Prince's Trust and later became an ambassador for the foundation. Because of his connection to the charity, he's participated in events in which Charles, naturally, has attended, such as the One Million Young Dinner in December 2017, per People. It appears that, through this relation to The Prince's Trust, the actor got in invite to the biggest wedding of the year.

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The Molly's Game star wasn't the only celebrity who got in on the fun during the wedding receptions. At the lunchtime reception at Windsor Castle, hosted by the Queen, Elton John took to the piano to perform. According to Us Weekly, he performed his biggest hits, including "Circle of Life" and "Tiny Dancer." There was also another, surprising celeb who got in on the reception fun. James Corden apparently ordered a dance-off between Harry, Charles, and Prince William during the affair, per Express. Can you even imagine how amazing that was? To make it even more exciting, Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland, reportedly got in on the dancing fun, too.

So, basically, with John taking to the piano, Corden creating a princely dance-off, and Elba hitting up the DJ booth, the wedding celebration for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was all sorts of perfection.