How To Know If You Have Facebook Watch


With all the exciting announcements regarding the launch of Facebook's new feature today, you're probably wondering why you don't have Facebook Watch yet, or, can't seem to find it, or what exactly it is, or will even look like. And those are all really valid questions. The news is quite fresh, so all the details are still making their way to the surface, and probably won't be perfectly clear to us until it's completely rolled out and we've had some time to get used to the feature, and see how it works itself into our pre-existing Facebook life.

Basically, Facebook Watch is a new feature that will live on your explore sidebar (when you're using the desktop version) and footer (when you're using the app) and will be the home of a huge content library that's going to keep you distracted, er, I mean entertained, endlessly. Within the Watch platform, there will be live videos, user created videos, and professional programming from over 30 providers that's produced specifically for Facebook.

For example, Tastemade is one of my favorite streaming channels and I'll soon be able to watch some of this content straight from my Facebook page. The network has developed a show, "Struggle Meals" with host Frankie Celenza, that will play directly through the app, giving us the option to comment and react, making the watching experience *very* interactive.


Additionally, there will be weekly live sports broadcasts, making it a place for one off broadcasts *and* series. Essentially, you're going to have to rework the way you consider Facebook, it's not just a place to keep track of how many of your friends are married and reproducing, it's now a place to get content that you didn't go to high school with. And just because it's an app doesn't mean that it's going to be any less entertaining than the stuff you watch on TV. There's so much content that's headed your way, truly your head will spin when you see it. Oh, right about that, when *will* you see it?

Facebook will be rolling out the Watch feature over the next few weeks to a limited group of people. If you've been randomly selected in that group, you'll simply wake up and notice a "Watch" option in your explore section. If you don't see it, don't fret. The slow roll-out is for our own sake. Facebook wants to make sure that the new feature is perfect, and introducing it to the public little by little is the best way to trouble shoot. So be patient, and keep your mind open to it. The confluence of social media and traditional programming just got a lot more interesting.