If You Have These 7 Personality Traits, You Might Have High Levels Of Testosterone

by Carina Wolff
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When we think of hormones, we tend to think about how they affect parts of our health such as our mood, our skin, or our energy levels. But hormones can also play a role in our personality, especially when it comes to testosterone. There are a number of personality traits that are linked to high levels of testosterone, and understanding this connection might help give you a better idea of the fascinating ways your personality can be shaped by your biology.

"Generally hormones, like testosterone, and other chemicals in our body can influence the way we perceive and then react to situations," licensed psychologist Ashley B. Hampton, PhD tells Bustle. They can affect people differently, and they can also manifest themselves differently in specific situations.

Although high testosterone levels are often linked to higher levels of less desirable traits such as anger or aggression, not all traits that result from the hormone are negative, and they can often work in your favor.

Not everyone who has these traits necessarily has higher levels of testosterone, but research shows that those who have more of the hormone tend to fall into these categories. Here are six personality traits that may indicate you have high levels of testosterone, according to experts.



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High testosterone levels correlate with general assertiveness and aggressiveness. "When feeling challenged or threatened, women with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to respond aggressively than passively, or passive-aggressively," licensed clinical psychologist Jennifer Sweeton, Psy.D., M.S., M.A. tells Bustle. This may also lead to feeling powerful, Sweeton says, but if it becomes an issue, be sure to speak to your doctor about a potential hormonal imbalance.



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Issues controlling anger can also occur as a result of high testosterone. A study done on women with high levels of testosterone due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) found that they demonstrated more anger symptoms and mood dysfunction than women without PCOS. If you have reason to believe an increase in anger is associated with PCOS, ask your OB/GYN to help you identify the problem.



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Competitive and social dominance are correlated to testosterone levels. "Although they can get along with others, [women with high testosterone] don't hesitate to rise to the challenge and compete when the situation warrants it," says Sweeton. "Others may view them as a leader, and a person they can turn to for guidance when a situation is unclear or a problem is particularly challenging."



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"Women with higher levels of testosterone also tend to be decisive, and they rarely second-guess themselves when they've arrived at a conclusion," says Sweeton. Research from The Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine shows that women with high testosterone concentrations tend to be more active and decisive, describing themselves as "independent and strong."



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Research also from The Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine shows that women with higher testosterone levels are more self-directed, and they tend to have high professional status. "They don't need someone standing over them and micromanaging their every move at work," says Sweeton. "Instead, they thrive in a more flexible environment where the work is self-directed and their boss (if you even have one) trusts them to get the job done."


Higher Sexual Desire

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Testosterone is the hormone often associated with sexual desire, for both men and women. "Women also produce testosterone, some more than others," Dr. Gail Saltz, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of Medicine, tells Bustle. "As women age, testosterone levels slowly decrease. Women who have higher levels of testosterone tend to have higher libido."



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Women with more testosterone are more likely to take the plunge when it comes to disky careers. According to a study published in the journal Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences, women with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to pursue risky careers in business and finance.

Having some of these personality traits could be a sign you have high levels of testosterone. If you want to get your hormones checked, it's best to see a doctor.