If Your Home Needs A Makeover, These 40 Things On Amazon Make A Big Impact For Under $30

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Your home is your castle — and every castle needs a little upgrade from time to time. Certain household items begin to show wear and tear after lots of use, and others just begin to look dated. And of course, there are always those random items leftover from your off-campus college apartment that you never bothered to replace. Now, most of us aren't lucky enough to get a free home makeover courtesy of HGTV, but there's affordable ways to add some more style into your living space — and that's why I've curated this list of home makeover products on Amazon.

Amazon is full of amazing home products that combine practicality with aesthetics, so you can stock up on items you'll actually use — but also feel chic and modern. Best of all, none of these items will break the bank — because they're all under $30. That means you can spend more money on the dinner party you'll throw so you can show off your newly made-over pad.

Regardless of whether you live in a studio apartment, a shared space, or a home, there's something on this list that'll make your place look great — without having to shell out for an interior decorator.

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