If You're Lazy But Want To Look Good, Check Out These 40 Things

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A cute look and a low-maintenance routine don't have to be mutually exclusive. Take it from me: I love clothes, makeup, and accessories a lot — but I refuse to spend hours getting ready every day. For one, I work from home, so few people will witness my efforts anyway. For another, I have a pretty regimented schedule, and I can't afford to agonize over an outfit. And, finally, I appreciate comfort, so if an item of clothing is scratchy or a grooming technique is painful, I probably just won't do it. That's why I really love easy things that make you look and feel good — without the excess effort.

So how, exactly, do you build a routine that feels low effort but yields impressive results? It's simple: Fill your life with versatile, single-step items that you genuinely can't wait to incorporate into your day. When it comes to your wardrobe, that means staple clothing pieces that are comfortable, durable, easy to care for, and can be dressed up or down. For accessories, that means belts, shoes, and hats that go with just about anything. And while you're shopping for beauty products, look for great ingredients in formulas you can apply in under a minute.

If you're ready to start simplifying your life without compromise, check out these 41 lazy hacks that still help you look amazing.

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